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Here’s a little poem I wrote tonight that I think can speak to you if you let it. It’s inspired by my perspective of freedom in Jesus name.

A STORY OF SALVATION The sun’s never scared it won’t rise The moon never worries if he’ll get his turn The birds never question if You’ll keep them in the air Why is it so hard for me to do the same? What does nature know about You? They never question if You’ll remain faithful They never wonder if You’ll fail Why can I not do the same? I can trust in a switch to turn on a lamp I can trust in a knob to open a door I can trust in a key to open a lock When it comes to You, suddenly it’s not so easy to trust anymore Anxiety runs my mind It haunts every crevice of my imagination Endless doubt roaming around the empty space You make it so easy, yet I still fail Your grace like an ocean Your mercy like a sea Your faithfulness like the sun And somehow I’m still sinking The wheels in my mind are turning The worries never seem to end Exhaustion starts to set in I can’t do this by myself, God. A glimpse of your grace A glimpse of your hope A glimpse of your mercy A glimpse of your throne Suddenly, I can trust Suddenly, I don’t want control Suddenly, I throw it into your hands And suddenly, I’m not sinking anymore A freedom like no other A new perspective Anxiety has to flee A new Hope has come The King reclaims His throne I watch as the kingdom of shame falls The ultimate Ruler reigns on His throne Jesus, I surrender all

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