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ALERT! This is Micro and Global!

Quick Summary:

1. Word from Beth

2. Word from Nate Johnston about the season we are in.

What the enemy is doing and what God is doing.

A call to take our stand and put on our mantles in this battle

From Beth: ((a dear sister in the Lord here in Charleston)-This post was all compiled and written by her))

I feel God is calling me to send this word to all the voices.

The trumpet sound from the watchmen on the wall is for all ears.

1. From Beth: (a dear sister in the Lord here in Charleston)-This was all compiled and written by her

Many of us have had our own increasing personal battles with this controlling form of the enemy in our families, at church, with friends or at work. At schools and institutions and with lawsuits.

But it’s also simultaneously across churches, cities, regions and nations.

It is saturating every sphere and loudly manifesting across culture and the nations.


This is not a time to isolate.

Connect to Jesus and strong believers. Ask Jesus for your tribe.

Be alert for connections He is bringing.

I see the enemy trying to sweep up any unsuspecting believers he can into these black, sticky bands of “connection” around the world.

The enemy is building a counterfeit “bride.” He is trying to drag as many believers into it as he can.

God is building glowing kingdom connections. Be sure you are moving into those. Not the dark ones.

The dark connection bands are marked by control and worldly wisdom. Old methods. Comfort. Self protection and self defense. Religion. A negative focus. Heaviness.

They will even look back to Gods past moves. Your voice will feel muzzled. Your thinking can feel foggy. The focus is often on being right and ideology instead of moving forwards now towards God’s love and heart.

These systems are not aligned with what He is doing now. He is moving His Bride out of the old wineskin into something totally new.

The enemy connection / control system is rooted and attached to us by our unhealed wounds and beliefs. And it feels so normal and we feel so at home in it.

The strange thing I have noticed when we are under attack from this controlling spirit- is that we tend to start acting more like it as self defense. I have seen it in myself and others- but also you can see it nationally.

We are so tempted to fight being controlled or accused by controlling and accusing. It is happening on every side.


Whew Jesus- we invite You to search and heal us of everything that is not of You as we are in a war season, not a comfort/ sit-back season. Convict us where we are not aligned with our Head.

The glowing, Holy Spirit Kingdom connections are marked by His love, humility, worship, prayer, honor, vulnerability , and leaning into Jesus heart. Flowing with the Spirit. Risk and faith. Becoming who we were made to be. Not held back. Gentle strength. Patience, not hurry. Seeing the beauty and gold in people, places and situations. Receiving the Father’s love.


Father - help each of us lean into Your heart for our assignments in this hour- no matter our gift or role. No matter which outpost or relationships You have given us. Thank You that You have a unique kingdom identity, call and anointing for each of us.

Thank You that You are pouring out Your Spirit on all flesh and can work in and through all of us.

Embolden us to stand with You and in Christ. To take territory with You in Your way and timing.

Call to arms and call into position:

In Jesus Name, I call all voices up to the the frontlines; healed, free, armed and into position!

We call Charleston, the Holy City- into alignment and position with the King of Kings.

We call SC and all her borders into the alignment, consecration and outpouring of the Spirit in Jesus Name.

The East Coast, DC and the USA- be anointed and ready for the Spirit’s move.

Israel and the nations - be marked and ready for the Lord’s move.

Watchmen :

Some of you are watchmen on the walls and already stand on prayer towers at your home or around the area. Some are being called into that role today. Even now.

Stand with Jesus. Watch and declare what He is saying. Sound the alert of what He is doing. Get out your trumpets. Proclaim His Word from your porch or place of influence. Even if it’s just you and Jesus speaking His words and His praises into the atmosphere. That is so powerful. Speak His words of Life and blessing into the atmosphere. Bless the ones around you to encounter Him.


Let’s praise Him and fix our eyes on Jesus. Not the enemy. Even as we battle.

Yes there are giants in the land we are being called into, but there is also an amazing, loving, Most High God who fights for us and goes with us and has the strategy for us!! And He has an amazing inheritance in there for Jesus and for us! He has the battle plan. The battle is the Lord’s. And He is giving us each a part to play. He loves to do things together.


2. From Nate Johnston


I woke up this morning feel a fight in the spirit - war against the prophetic decree over cities and the prophetic watchmen called to them.

It felt like a showdown of intimidation and bully tactics to chase out the pure voices needed right now just as God is pouring out something fresh and new.

I could hear “What am I doing here? This is too big for me! I didn’t sign up for this level of warfare!”

I could sense the temptation to run and hide as Jezebel was hurling down her spears of witchcraft to send the true prophets called and stationed in cities and nations into obscurity.


Then the Lord said “This is not a time to run and hide but to stand by the word I have given you and the purity of the message I have stewarded in you. Don’t trade it or forfeit it to appease her, but it’s time to DOUBLE DOWN!”

To double down means to increase one’s efforts or hold to a position or opinion, especially when vulnerable or in a position of risk.

But what I kept feeling was that the double down represented the DOUBLE PORTION anointing on these prophets and the invitation to LEAN into the weight of their mantles in this hour not their own strength or ability.

The anointing is in the office and mantle and we must lean into that right now otherwise we will get chased out of our assignments and lands we are called to.

I hear the Lord saying “Did I not call you? Did I not anoint you for this? DOUBLE DOWN with the double portion and watch me split the waters!”


Then I heard “Voices can you see the web that has been spun? Can you see all the layers? For I am giving you eyes to see how to expose and untangle her web spun over leaders and people called to steward these regions. You will set them free, but you must not get caught in the web!”

What is this web? It’s a web of witchcraft and control tactics. It’s a web of warring and cursing words that is causing group to war against group and people against people. This web has been spun around to cause what God is doing to be thwarted and stifled.

It’s a web of confusion, slander, assumption, and character assassination, but you have been called to counteract this assignment by clearing the air.

“I have called you as a watchman!” Says the Lord. “To govern the airspace and to determine what comes in and out. And you must disarm this assignment causing harm between leaders and movements. It is breaking apart the body!”


Then I heard the Lord say “Why are you cowering like a dog? Why are you backed into a corner? Why do you run at her word? Why do you bow your head as she speaks and hold your tongue?”

“For I have given you MY MOUTH and MY WORDS and you must tear her down from her lofty throne!”

“For even many leaders have allowed her to be there and they have appeased her, but have I not sent you there to throw her down?”

“Throw her down!” Jehu said. So they threw her down, and some of her blood spattered the wall and the horses as they trampled her underfoot” 2 Kings 9:33

“So release your decree with authority and cast her out!” Says the lord.


Then I heard this warning;

“For I have sent you to this land to set a table for me. DO NOT SIT AT JEZEBELS TABLE!”

“Do not trade the purity of your voice for acceptance or to feel included or you will eat her delicacies and it will steal your voice!”

(I was reminded of the scene on Narnias “the lion the witch and the wardrobe” where Edmund eats the white witches Turkish delight and it turns him bitter)

We must stand apart from that which is tainted while still having a voice into it.

Set a new table. Hold firm to the word of the Lord in you and do not cave into complacency and the seduction of her house.

We can’t come under the false coverings demanding control and her twisted hierarchy that expects honor where no honor is given.

We must refuse to come under her false mantle and un-husbanded kingdom.

Voices, put on your mantle. Put on your strength. Put on your authority and be who God has called you to be!

But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved. Hebrews 10:39

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