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America Is Not A Pride Nation

America is not a pride nation. I declare it is a nation UNDER God. We can try to twist scripture to fit our comfort level, but here is the truth, we are afraid to stand in truth. There has been a twisting of scripture to make it seem like Jesus supported and loved sin. Listen, Jesus was not for sin. He always called it out. He always said, turn away from that, leave that, sin no more, follow me. So while he loved, and while he sat with sinners, he always called sin, sin. He let them know that he knew what they were up to, and did not hide it. He did not accept it. But by his love, that was so powerful, people repented and followed him. However, some did not. Many will not.

He didn't look at sin and say "oh hey, I love you sin."

That's the lie we are feeding ourselves. His love and truth was the power that caused people to repent. It caused people to leave behind their ways of sin, embrace forgiveness and follow him. You see, its EASY to follow the crowd and what seems popular in the moment, walking BLINDLY into stuff we think we really understand, not truly realizing what it is you are truly following.

Its time for the church to WAKE UP. So many in the body are partnering with the world and calling out the wrong people. The church is asleep and allowing the ways of the world to dictate the operation of the body. What looks simple is not. What looks harmless, is not. Its deception, and just as easy as EVE was deceived in the garden, the world and the church are being deceived left and right.

Here is the thing, the rainbow belongs to the Lord. It does not belong to the world No man can create what forms in the sky as a promise and no man spoke what the Lord declared on the day it was given to his people.

Its interesting that things of the bible are being used in the agendas of the world and being prostituted for gain, and for pride to hide in the hearts of man. True love looks a certain way, it feels a certain way, and its powerful. Love stands in truth and its powerful to set things back into alignment.

What's going around is not an authentic and true love. Its a fake love. A counterfeit kind of love that puts on a show. Its the same kind of "love" that was passed around during covid. Its a love that acts like it cares, but when it doesn't get its way, it begins to act up. Its true colors begin to show up and what truly lies within the heart begins to speak. The kind of love that was and still is being passed around, hides itself under an illusion of "I care", and while there is a form of love there, but it isn't the agape, unconditional type of love.

Its a conditional love.

If someone truly loves, they will be 100% honest with you, even when they have to speak something you don't want to hear. While at the same time loving you with a true agape love, that is powerful enough to set you into the truth, pulling you out of bondage and darkness into His marvelous light.

May we not get it confused. May we not not fall into the trap of lies, falling straight into deception as we are led astray, but if we say we love Jesus, let us stand and operate with His love and in truth. We can't say we love Jesus, and in the same sentence, say God made a mistake on me.

He makes no mistakes. ZERO.

Vision from 11/7/22 I saw a spirit that comes into families that was coming after our children, but instead of warring against it, we began to agree with it because there was fear within us. In other words we were intimidated and afraid of what would happen if we went against it. Afraid to stand out and go against the grain, standing firm in who we are in Christ. So we went along with it in agreement with our children being opposite of how God created them.

I watched something come over my daughter in 2020. The bright and free spirit that she had turned dark. She started wearing a lot of black, and just going into a shell. Something was hovering over her. But this mama took her position and fought in the spirit and wouldn't let up until it was lifted. It took some time, almost a year. Constant speaking to her true identity, constantly speaking who she is at her core, combating the lies when right in front of me with truth and so much more. I knew who she was at her core and the only thing that comes in to try and change that is the world.

What was the root?

She was hurt by some friends and it was PAINFUL for her. Homosexuality came knocking at the door from another friend and it broke her heart. She battled with that spirit on her own for a few days before breaking down to tell me.

When we are paying attention, we will notice when something is off. And that's when we activate and step into position firmly!

Our babies need help navigating these times, changes, friendships and relationships. They need parents that will war against the principalities of darkness, standing in the gap for them in truth, not going against the will of God. They need us in position standing with God, refusing to leave our post as the watchmen over our families.

Pride, Stand down. This is a nation under God! A God nation.

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