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Blog/ Posting Instructions

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Log into WIX: and Select Kingdom Bridges

Select “Create New Post”

Add a Title for your Post on the line that says: “Add a Catchy Title”

Then you add your content….

In the case below I will add a YOUTUBE video link. Here is how to add a link, files or images. Click the +

Then the menu tab will open from the left. In this instance I clicked the Video option and this screen opened. You will paste your link and click “Add”

Or you can upload your content from other sources.

Click on “Categories” on the left menu. Choose the correct category.

It is also recommended that you add tags so people can find your posts by topic.

When you are finished you can “Submit for Review” OR you can save as Draft if you are not finished.

You will see a message that states your post has been submitted for review.

Once your post has been approved you will see it here… Posts that are still under review will be in that tab.

Have fun creating! We can't wait to see what the Spirit has in store for you!

- KBN Team

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