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Daughters of Zion

Shift the negative. As we enter into His glory RIGHT NOW we can redirect all emotion into complete trust. As we trust Him we can take every negative thought captive and submit it to His PERFECT LOVE. This is a season for joy in trust. Let’s rewire the doubts of yesterday into the hope of tomorrow. It’s go time!

Repeat after me I'M IN CHRIST

There is a dimension that with our earthly eyes we can barely grasp. Yet as we take a deep breath and travel through His Spirit deep within the Creator YHWH we can tap into a realm of healing and transformation.

To the daughters that feel forgotten, you have been strategically placed into position. Unseen by the common eye as Abba has rewired your past trauma and weaponized your minds. For you see what the world felt unashamed to toss aside, Holy Spirit has swept you up and prepared a feast for you in the presence of your enemies.

Here is where the tragedy turns comedy. Some of your greatest enemies are really just tired and lonely. For as you enter into His rest and take your seat, they will have to chance their perspectives to locate you. Once they see you sitting and dining with The Most High they will finally see what they have been missing.

Your yes to rest is an invitation to their salvation.

Darling daughters, becoming brides of The Vine, shift the negative and take your seat.

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