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Do not forsake the blind

Do not forsake the blind!

Do not harden your heart to their inability to see what you see, lest you forget that you too were once blind.

There is a grace today for the blind.

Lord open the eyes of my heart to see the capabilities and magnitude of their sight that is to come. Let us use the keys that you have given us, rooted in the branch and the House of David.


Prepare the meal act the blind will fest upon. Set the table that was once set for you. Bring out the finest dishes that will fill the belly of your enemy. Show them where to sit. Pour out what has filled you.

Ask, ask again, plead your case before the King. Ask for healing, wholeness and restoration of sight for your family, friends and enemies. We have not because we ask not, so we must become a nation that does not grow weary in asking.

Faith. Believe in the unseen. By His spirit let us step into the glorious vineyards of the divine. Let us begin to become a nation that can ask for what we cannot fathom. Holy Spirit may we manifest your will for this age and the one to come. Erupt in us a new expression of faith, propelling our prayers into a new trajectory of faith.

Pray in the Holy Ghost. Family use your voice in the tongue of The Holy Ghost to build yourselves up and become unpredictable. In doing so let us receive the light of His Glory. Unleashing a new understanding of both the depths & the shallows.

Let your light shine before other. STOP HIDING. We can be hidden with our hiding. We can have solitude without isolation. It is time to lay down the coping mechanism of complacency and love thy neighbor. Knock on doors, knock again and keep moving the the next home and town. There are many desperate for light, PURE LIGHT OF PERFECT LOVE. As we love, the eyes of our hearts will be opened wider. The revelation that you desire for your family, future, your job etc is available through the good works already prepared before you. IF you are unsure where to begin look for the most angry person you know and love them. The orphans, the widows, the poor and the homeless are desperate for a drink of the love that flows through your veins.

Lay down your hardened hearts. There are many in the bride right now that are doubled over in hardness. Many scream church hurt when in reality they have become rebellious from refusing to submit to discipline and spiritual authority. Moving from house to house, church to church proclaiming hurt, when the spirit of self pity transforms into a battering ram of discord STOP IT!!!

There is a drink of living water available today for anyone that walks in offense, self pity, unworthiness, doubt and fear. There is refreshing waters available today to awaken HOPE-TRUST-UNTIY & RESTORATION. His name is THE HOLY GHOST. Quit drinking of man and drink of The Holy Spirit. Ask of Him, ask again. Knock and keep knocking.

Drink of the Holy Spirit until peace come, until depression leaves, until anxiety melts away and fullness returns to your spirit.

Sing. Sing a new song in new ways. Return to childlike joy and wonder. Look for JESUS before you acknowledge the enemy. Look for what is right in someone before you expose what’s wrong in them. Proclaim their true identity in love, over and over and over. As you sing the Word promises us That Yeshua is enthroned upon our praises. What in your life right now do you need the King of Kings to sit upon the throne over? Sing. Sing for today, sing for healing, sing with thanksgiving and praise. Allow your adoration for Adonai to fill your lips with a song to take the space of grumbling…..

QUIT GRUMBLING. May we become the people that will have the language of hope, joy, peace and community. May thankfulness rush to speak before complaining. May we have the eyes to see and speak from gratitude. May our representation of what it means to have plenty open our eyes to expression thankfulness for the abundance we walk in in the Kingdom.

For the Bride, I ask you this… DO YOU BELIEVE? If so what do you believe?

If His word speaks it, where do you chose to see? Where have you accepted blindness as tradition? Where has routine quenched the fire and power of The Holy Spirit in your home, church and city?

The latter house will be greater than the former, His word says so. We can honor the old flame while asking for new oil. We have struck The Rock once before, it is time that we become men & women that speak to The Rock. Use your voice family. Become the beckoning reverberation that shakes the scales off of the blin mens eyes generations before blindness attempts to kill, steal and destroy.

What does the new wave of revival look like for you, your family and generation?

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