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Do You Know How To Receive The Father's Love?

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Are you one that has a shaky relationship with your earthly father? Are you one that struggles with believing that you can even be loved by our heavenly Father? Are you one that struggles with overeating, no matter how hard you try to let it go, or even though you may know what to do? Are you one that knows how to build a wall without bricks and motar? Are you one that has a hard time truly receiving love from your Husband?

Oh sis, I get it. I can relate to all of the above plus some! About a year ago, a friend sent me a link to a movie that was coming out at the beginning of the year’. I wasn’t familiar with it right away, but Holy Spirit began to speak through it the trailer. I was taken back to a book I had seen on a shelf by one of my favorite Authors. Redeeming Love. So I began to read some of the comments from the trailer, and all I could see, comment after comment, was praise about the book and praying that the movie would be just as good. I saw so many saying that the book changed their life and were excited for the movie. I found myself in tears and in awe of how the Lord was speaking to me and the revelation of what was has been going on. That same day, we went out to purchase the book. The book that was usually highlighted every time I was looking at books by Francine Rivers in the book store. I went through it and couldn’t put it down. It was such a beautiful story based on the book of Hosea and it grabbed at my heart strings as the Lord was showing me his love in a deeper way, with a story that went into Hosea on a new a level.

**I am not promoting watching this movie, I recommend we guard our eye gates. I saw in a preview and read reviews that there are a few risque scenes. I believe we must be honest in all we do no matter if the world considers it and “adult” thing. We are set apart in every way**

A few weeks after that, a few friends were gathered around for some girl time and the Lord met us in the middle of our struggles and poured out His truth to us. It was a bit crazy as we would talk about a struggle, and then I would ask a question, He would speak, we would pray and ask for forgiveness and this kept happening until we got down to the root of our eating habits. Why do we over eat? Good food can be comforting. It can be numbing, eat a lot and we are pretty much good for nothing other than a good nap, and then we end up in a cycle of overeating as it kind of becomes an addiction. He was showing us that we didn’t know how to receive his love, so subconsciously we were engaging in overindulgence as we tried to escape some pain that has been deeply rooted. I had been hearing this in my spirit: Don’t let earthly “daddy issues” keep you from receiving My Love – the love of the One True Father. We may have earthly fathers that have not stepped up to the plate to show us the love of a true Father, but we can find freedom in that when we can recognize and come to the truth that we have a heavenly Father that sees us and has a love so much greater than man could ever give.

God loves us, and he has been showing me so many of his children do not know how to receive his love. His love is far greater, beyond anything you can imagine. You are a DAUGHTER and a SON, no matter what your earthly daddy saw you as. Allow the Lord to walk you through forgiveness so you can keep moving forward to what he has in store for you. Forgiveness may have to be a thing you do often and on repeat, but don’t allow what happens in the natural realm, give you a tainted perspective of Heavenly Father. Its a process that can not be done on your own. The pain can be so deeply rooted, and He is the only one that can carry you in the midst of healing. He wants to hold you and show you his love. So find space to let go and let HIM in. He will take you in, take you deeper and mend every broken space within your heart. His light is so great that it will burst through all the hiding places to bring healing and freedom.

“but it is because the Lord loves you and is keeping the oath that he swore to your fathers, that the Lord has brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the house of slavery, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.” ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭7:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

We can be enslaved in a place where our spirit is longing for something so beautiful, but our flesh likes to think it knows best. So, without deeper thinking, its easy to skip over the roots trying to live our life without his powerful love that covers it all. We can have knowledge that God loves us, and we can be walking healed to a certain extent, but even deeper there may be some wounds that are trying to stay hidden. Its not until we recognize how we are operating on a day to day basis, or if we find ourselves on a hamster wheel of the same issues. Its not the easiest thing to let go of the reins to give yourself space to stand in the opening to be emptied of it all, for every wall to be broken and receive the beautiful love that permeates our very being, that brings healing, and truth.

When we allow The true Father to reveal truth to us on how He loves us and allow Him to speak to the depths of our spirit, we can understand how we can be consecrated to him on a deeper level. It can be a little scary to lay it all out before him especially when we may have never shared the deep things in our heart with those close to us. I promise He is gracious to hold you in it all and never judges, but comforts and heals. He wants to blow on it all and walk you through the things that make you shake to your core. Will we choose to say yes, no matter how scary it may feel, how many walls we may have built up, how much pushing away we have done?

Will we make true space for Him and allow Him to show us a completely different version of who we are? When the Lord wants to speak to us, he won’t just dump it all out on us. He is gracious to walk us through little by little as we seek Him, as He pursues us. May we pay attention to those little nudges and connect the dots as things are revealed to us. As we pick up on them, we are on our way to stand in awe of our beautiful father that loves us so much. We will begin to see how he pursues us with His truth and how he so loves. He lavishes us with such a beautiful love. May we walk forward with our hearts open, hands open and ears open to receive every ounce He pours out.

Much Love, Crystal Keefer

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