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Don't Fight The Wrestling

There is a wrestling and tension happening between the person you have been and the person you have been destined to become. Your flesh fights your spirit, but your spirit is so much stronger. There will be levels you will go through to prepare you, test you, and stretch you, but the key is to stay in the tension and keep wrestling even when it's uncomfortable. Stay in it until something shifts!

I keep seeing like a cape or a suit, even armor at the same time and it's in the air over us wanting to come down and mantle us, but we keep running, and fighting that wrestling. We are wrestling with the mantle. I see us tossing and turning - kind of like a toddler does when you try to put shoes or pants on them and they are not having it.

No matter how much we fight, it's not going anywhere. It stays and is walking with us through the different stages, until it latches on to us. And the latching on is kind of like what Iron man's suit does to him. It finds him, latches on and he is ready!

When this mantle/cape/suit/armor latches on, we are so different, but still the same. We enter into a new area of maturity and are flowing with the spirit of God. I see that we are standing tall and POSITIONED firmly, not swaying to the left or the right, but there's a knowing of exactly who we are in our spirit.

Stay in the wrestling, the tension and the stretching. Its doing something to us, through us and for us!

-Crystal Keefer

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