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A couple of weeks ago I had another follow up visit with my laryngologist and my voice therapist. They told me that if my voice had not fully recovered by now (11 months post op) then it wouldn’t. The laryngeal nerve (the nerve that causes your vocal cords to stretch) was likely damaged during surgery and there’s no “fix” for that (that’s why I haven’t gotten my range back) My right vocal cord is still partially paralyzed (no improvement) The nodules are still present (haven’t shrunk or budged) The granuloma (from stomach acid) is still at the back of my throat….. blah blah blah….. After that appointment….. Yes I cried. Yes I was disappointed. Yes I was BiG mad. Yes I doubted. Yes I called my mom to vent. Yes we prayed. Yes I remembered what Jesus told me!!

My heart is still grateful because…Despite all of that news my voice is still getting stronger every day. I have been able to sing in my lower register(tenor) for almost the entire length of time during Praise&Worship for the past couple of weeks. My voice doesn’t fatigue nearly as quickly as it used to a few months ago. That’s major!! (IYKYK)

Currently….I’m accepting that fact that I may have to do this in a different way for a little while and that’s ok. I’ll do that.

I’m STILL believing the promise of God that “IT’S COMING BACK BETTER!!”

I posted this pic today because I literally keep seeing this in my dreams. I keep hearing the sound, I keep hearing new songs, and I keep getting excited because I KNOW God is a man of His word!!! He may not do it how I thought He would BUT I KNOW He’s gonna do it!!!

Now…My encouragement for YOU is to KEEP PRAYING! KEEP BELIEVING! KEEP MOVING TOWARD THE PROMISE!! Don’t lose heart!! HE WILL DO WHAT HE SAID!! Aaaaannnnnnddd….. “The world’s gonna see it and know that You (God) did it!” #newsong

Ok…. I’m done! Lol

Have a faith filled day!


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