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Ecclesia Arise! His Robe Filled The Temple

In a worship service, we were singing the song, “Yeshua” (My Beloved is the most beautiful, among thousands and thousands. Yeshua!)*

As I was worshiping, I bowed before Yeshua**, in deep awe and reverence of His profound beauty and love. In the Spirit, I saw that we were in the Throne Room, worshiping with the angels and the saints and the cherubim and the seraphim. Then, I saw that the train of His robe filled the Throne Room. It was shimmering gold, with purple hues. There are no adequate words to describe it.

As our worship went to a higher level during this song, I saw in the Spirit, the train of His robe “billowing” throughout the Throne Room, in the wind and the waves of our worship. I had the sense that He was “moved” by our deep worship, both His heart and His actions on our behalf. He led me to declare,

“He Reigns! Our God Reigns! He Reigns!”

And then, I saw His robe envelope each one in the sanctuary where I was worshiping, and His robe filled the room.


Isaiah 6—The Train of The Lord’s Robe Fills The Temple:

(Commentary by Shaun Groves)

In the Ancient Near East, it was common for a victorious king to cut off the train of a defeated king’s robe – symbolically removing his authority to rule. Then, the defeated king’s train would be added onto the end of the victorious king’s robe – symbolically adding to his authority the authority to rule the newly conquered kingdom.

Isaiah saw the LORD sitting on a throne with a robe so lengthy that it filled the temple. The King of Heaven is the King of kings and the ruler of the entire world. All authority is the LORD’s!


What a powerful reality! The enemy has been completely defeated, and Our God reigns over ALL! As His sons and daughters, we are called to, and are wrapped in, the full access to His authority over the earth. We are kings and priests***, called to rule and reign over what we have been positioned to oversee. As we go from Victory to Victory to Victory, conquering and reclaiming the territory that the enemy has stolen, contaminated, and destroyed, we participate in filling the whole earth with His glory.


*Link to this song:

**Yeshua- a name for God- in Hebrew means to rescue, to save, to deliver.

*** Revelation 5:10 And (You) have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on the earth.

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