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Ekklesia: Empowered and Deployed

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Are you hungry for more truth? Would you like to feel closer to God and His Heart? Do you want to be a part of Jesus's antidote for the chaos cultivated by the enemy? "Ekklesia: Empowered and Deployed" unfolds God's plan for expanding His Kingdom, a strategy that is relevant to the current circumstances of our world. In Matthew 16:18 Jesus declared that His Ekklesia, the body of Christ, has been given authority to overpower the gates of hades. God's purpose is to colonize Earth with the culture of Heaven. He does that through unique assignments given to us-- His sons and daughters. Our assignments come from the gifts God has placed inside of us! Come see clearer not only God's Purpose but discover your assignment IN that purpose!

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The seed of the Gate started in the spring of 2015 when Ron and Libby Hamilton and a team started a pilot class of a Gate School of Ministry (called The Jesus School of Ministry). The class taught believers to discover their true identity and to step out more as Gates bringing the ministry of Jesus into their world.

Later in the summer of 2017, Ron stepped out of his role at Seacoast Church after almost 30 years to step fully into the ministry of The Gate to encourage, train and empower more of God's sons and daughters to see more of the realty of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as Jesus did.

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