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Esther - A Condensed Commentary: With Practical Application

If you've ever wanted to study the book of Esther, but were intimidated by stacks of commentaries, this book is for you. Concise and full of practical application, this shorter commentary is a conglomeration of thoughts, reflections, applications, and notes using several commentaries. Use it along side your own Bible study and dive deep into the amazing book of Esther.

About the author

Jeana Gladstone grew up in a musical family in California where her parents pioneered a small church. She learned to love music and worship from a young age. Jeana went on to receive a B.A. in music education and has worn many career hats over the years, including teaching music in classrooms, homeschooling her five children, and teaching music theory, song-writing, and creativity at a college level school of ministry. Jeana and her husband currently oversee a church planting work in North Carolina, where they also love spending time with their adult children and grandchildren. Jeana is passionate about helping people grow into their identity in Christ and find fulfillment in being His child.

She has written two children's books, which she gives away to as many at-risk and rehabilitating girls as she can. Jeana also writes and produces music, and she helps others do the same.

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