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Face to Face Pre-Marital: Workbook

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Getting married is an exciting decision for couples. Our goal with this pre-marital workbook is to help you build a lasting foundation. Many of the surprises we encounter once we are married could be avoided if we had a thoughtful discussion guide prior to the wedding. This workbook together with our online course is meant to be a guide to help couples understand the different perspectives, expectations, and needs of each partner.

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This can create an emotional minefield. The good news if these topics are uncovered and understood - you will build an environment for authentic and supportive connections. The long-term stress of continued misunderstandings and conflicts can result in lost intimacy in marriage. None of us learn these skills without help. Our goal is to not only help you navigate these marriage connection stresses but also to learn to create affirmative intimacy with your partner. As a marriage counselor, if we could prescribe this to every soon-to-be-married couple we would.

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Diane and Neal Arnold

About the Author

Diane Arnold is a Licensed Professional Counselor with specialties in family and marriage counseling. She is also a certified EFT and EMDR therapist. Through her study of relationship attachment, she has spoken and written extensively on overcoming trauma and betrayal with remarkable results. She serves on the board of (CMHN), an SC professional development group for counselors and psychologists. She is also one of the founders of ‘The Grace Center’. The Grace Center is an international emotional healing center with four locations.

Diane and her husband, Neal, have been married for 37 years and have three adult children. They have written three books. ‘Take Heart’ is a snapshot of Attachment Theory and the dynamics of healing relationships. “Face to Face” is a marriage training and coaching workbook. Through their family non-profit,, Diane and Neal continue to write and speak on the foundational importance of family and local community connections in building healthy families, businesses, communities and countries.


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