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Fire & Glory Tour Estero, FL Dec 5-6

FEMA and the Red Cross need the Hertz arena to help the victims of hurricane Ian during all of October. That is why we are moving the Fire and Glory Tour from October 24th and 25th to December 5th and 6th.
We deeply regret the inconvenience this change will cause you. Our first priority is to help the victims in any way we can.
We realize it is yet another inconvenience to have you re-register, but again, it is the best and only way for us to guarantee your seats.

Use this link to register now

REGISTER NOW to join Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau at the Hertz Arena in Estero Florida, on December 5th & 6th
We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but we had no choice—and yet, there is good news! News that will make you want to be with us even more than before!
This setback has opened an astounding door of opportunity. We can make history! That is because multitudes in this region are reaching out for hope. And we can meet that need in a way we could not have before.
We can now put our skills from tent crusades to work. We did not have the time or opportunity before this. And we have an added secret weapon: Thanksgiving! -We are working toward a massive Thanksgiving Day dinner outside the Hertz Arena! -We are negotiating to bring in over 120,000 pounds of food. After Thanksgiving, we will be going door to door for 10 days giving away boxes of groceries to families all over the region. Remember everything we promised before and more will happen on December 5th and 6th.
Monday night December 5th at 7 PM, Lance will bring a message full of the fire and power of God.
Monday night, at 7 PM, Lance will present an explosive message that rips the mask off of what is happening in our nation. He will declare a manifesto of awakening that will shake the very foundations of corruption and deception in our government and culture. His presentation will end in a Mount Carmel moment. The fire of God will fall on the audience—an audience that will transform into an army. Be there when the fire of God falls and changes us all forever.
Tuesday morning at 10 AM: Lance and Mario will team up to train you for awakening and reformation, and bring you updates on current events, politics, and spiritual insight in a unique and empowering style with a call to action for the church.
Tuesday night at 7 PM, Mario will preach and demonstrate the saving and healing power of Christ. People are bringing the sick from everywhere to be healed. I already know that the Holy Spirit is going to demonstrate greater and deeper miracles than I have ever experienced in my ministry ~ Mario
This all adds up to an amazing event in the Hertz Arena—an event that you do not want to miss!
Please register now! Please register so we can be ready for you. This includes those who registered for October 24th and 25th. You must re-register to be guaranteed a seat. It will help us immensely if you would please do it as soon as possible. Thank you!
The fire of God will declare who is God over America. The Glory of God will demonstrate the reality of miracles today.

Use this link to register now

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