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Hang Up Our Striving Shoes

Hey sister,

I see you when you have been feeling all alone. I can feel that you have been having some debilitating thoughts.

You have felt like you don't know which direction you should go. You have this creativity and so much talent on the inside of you, but you have been thinking its not good enough. You have felt as though you are drowning. You feel like you are just standing in the middle of a storm and wondering when it will end. You have been trying to put one foot in front of the other and as soon as you take one step, you feel like you take 5 steps back. You know there is so much more, but you feel its so beyond your reach. You have been thinking, YOU are not good enough. All the emotions have felt overwhelming. But my beautiful sister, I know what all of this feels like. It can be so hard to see beyond where you are right now. It can feel like you are going around in circles. Can I just encourage you to lay it all down for a moment? We tend to step into striving mode in order to get to where we want to go, but there is so much beauty found in resting in the Father. The beauty is found in releasing it all to him. We get to a point, where he is waiting for us to let go so He can be the strength we need to do the things we can not do in our own strength. So when things are going crazy, we don't have to try and figure it all out in that moment. We can let go and take a nap, like Jesus did in the boat right in the middle of the storm. (And suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves. But He was asleep. Matthew 8:24)

We can say, "God, this is all yours", as we hand it all over and just sit with him.

I know its so much easier said than done, because we are the go-getters and have about 50 ways to try and make it work again, but we get worn out in our own strength.

Will you find peace this week in giving it all over. Will you find peace in letting go and doing the opposite to just rest in the Father?

Its a beautiful place we can go to, where there is a slow pace, peace, beauty, comfort, joy, love, provision, confidence, and so much more. Its the place we walk out of stronger, trusting and depending on God to lead the way.

In the midst, He may give some unusual strategies for moving forward but trust him, because He is more than enough to take care of it all and so many times He does the unexpected to bring fulfillment to his promises.

There is only so much we are able to do in our own strength and those feelings are a sure sign that its time to sit at the feet of the Father.

What does this look like?

Its being INTENTIONAL about our time with Him. Get up earlier with our mind set on sitting with God ALONE.

Not with the family needing something or calling your name.

Not with the dog needing attention.

Not with your phone in your hands, getting distracted on social media.

This is alone time with You and the Father. Go into your secret place with Him and lay it all down at his feet. All your frustration, all your worries, everything and just sit in quiet with him.

If you like coffee or tea, make some. Keep the lights dim, keep the TV off and put your phone in another room. Grab your bible and beginning reading. Ask Holy Spirit to lead you to an area to read. Grab a devotional and just talk to him.

Spend time diving deep into prayer.

Ask Him to forgive you for making other things the priority over your time with him and just sit with him. Exhale into him, allow yourself to fall into His arms and breathe His goodness in.

There is refreshment and comfort in this beautiful place. And it does takes practice, but make it a daily practice and you will see a huge shift.

Our souls long to spend time with its creator, just as much as our creator wants to spend time with us. Its why we feel such an array of emotions and feelings.

When feeling this way, so many times, we begin to seek "things" or experiences to fill the void, but that void can only be filled by God.

Otherwise, we wouldn't need to buy anything else or spend money on something that will make us "happy". The stuff bought during that time frame, only fills temporarily.

I know there is more for you and I am excited for Him to do beyond what you can think or imagine as you lay it down at his feet and hang up the striving shoes, as you walk barefoot into his presence.

Much love, Crystal Keefer

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