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Holiness Delivers Practical Preparedness

Word to The Ecclesia:

We are living in a New Era, and The Lord is speaking

“Now” words to His Bride, to His Ecclesia.

Sitting at the feet of The Lord, I heard Him say:

I am releasing more and more prophetic words to many right now about the shaking and the fire that I am sending. Now is the time to get ready in a practical sense. It is time to get ready now. Start researching and discussing plans as I bring things up to you. I am preparing the way and I will provide the funds for the preparations.

A few years ago, I spoke[1] that I was calling My people to:

·     prepare (get ready)

·    through purification (the process of moving into holiness),

·     leading to preparedness (the state of being prepared).

There are those who heeded that warning and others who did not. Purification, leading to holiness, is of great value in these times; it is of more value than pure gold. It is imperative.

I will give you instructions regarding the practical ways to prepare (get ready), leading to preparedness (the state of being prepared). These practical preparations are to come through the process of purification into holiness. Place ALL things — your pots, pans, household items, practical necessities of life— before Me as “Holy unto The Lord”[2]. Sanctify them, purify them, give them to Me as an offering; surrender it all to Me, so that I can in turn bless it and bring supernatural multiplication and increase.

Remember that “the silver is mine and the gold is mine….”[3] The wheat is mine and the tares are Mine. I will increase the wheat in the hands of My faithful ones, and I will increase the tares in the hands of the rebellious and sleeping ones. The supplies for life are in MY hands. I give and I take away[4]; I choose to whom I do either.

I have spoken that holiness begets holiness, which begets holiness. As My faithful ones offer holy sacrifices to Me of everything in their hands, I will birth more that is “Holy unto Me” from their offerings. I will birth—supernaturally produce—both the seed and the harvest, to supply My faithful ones with every good and holy thing they need to thrive in their Goshens, while sharing their abundance with the lost and starving world.

Holiness continues to be the key. As I spoke years ago, I am still calling My people to prepare (get ready) through purification, leading to preparedness (the state of being prepared). And this applies to the practical aspects needed to live and thrive in these times. As an act of worship to Me, dedicate EVERYTHING you own, every source of income, every member of your family—dedicate EVERYTHING to Me. As you do this, I will purify it and make it all holy. And you will see that holiness begets holiness, which begets holiness.

From your complete surrender and offering of everything to Me, you will see a “fishes and loaves” miracle occur over your sphere of influence…over and over and over again. You will be My blessing over the earth, even as the earth shakes, the fire consumes, and the hurricane force winds and rain overtake the earth. Your holy Goshens will be the landing spots on earth, where heaven invades earth and sends forth the holy fire, the shaky, and My Great Revival.

Declare— Heaven come now and invade.


[1] After receiving the word above, I searched out the word that was referenced from 2020:

Preparation Through Purification for Coming Awakening


God has recently been speaking to me regarding this current season and the coming “Next Great Awakening”, which will require preparation (the act of getting ready), preparedness (the state of being prepared and ready), through purification. Those who would partner with Him in ushering this Great Awakening to earth must be humbly and intimately aligned with God—His heart and His ways—taking up their positions of authority as His sons and daughters. This is required, so that they will be the purified vessels needed to join with Father God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, angels, and saints in establishing a landing spot on earth, where His Revival is welcomed and the flames of His Revival fire are fanned across the world. Our partnership with Him through Holy Spirit led prayers and decrees (speaking over our land what God says) will be what brings us to the tipping point for this Great Awakening to be poured out on our land and the world.

[2] Zechariah 14:20 On that day, Holy to the Lord will be inscribed on the bells of the horses. And the cooking pots in the Lord’s house will be like the sacred bowls in front of the altar. Every pot in Jerusalem and Judah will be holy to the Lord Almighty, and all who come to sacrifice will take some of the pots and cook in them. And on that day, there will no longer be a Canaanite in the house of the Lord Almighty.

[3] Haggai 2:8

[4] See Job 1:21

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