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Host the Holy Ghost

Your intimacy with the Holy Spirit is the key to boldness and boldness is the key to miracles.

All believers in Christ have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, but not all believers have intimacy with Him. Holy Spirit was sent to lead you deeper in the knowledge of truth and give you the strength to overcome trials and the power to reach this world. In this book, Pastor Vladimir Savchuk takes you on a journey through discovering the communion with the Holy Spirit which belongs to everyone, not just the spiritually elite.

You will learn how to:

  • develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit

  • walk in true intimacy with Him

  • cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in your life

  • operate in His power and anointing

  • identify the danger of appointing without anointing

  • discern the true manifestations of the Spirit

  • and much more!

Host the Holy Ghost is a gem-filled work. Pastors and leaders, allow me to humbly suggest this as a small group or leadership curriculum. I encourage you to read this and often revisit the truths upon which it expounds. - David Diga Hernandez, Evangelist, Healing Minister, TV host

I highly recommend this revelatory book to Christians everywhere. Host the Holy Ghost will transform your understanding about the Holy Spirit and intimacy with Him. - Jeremiah Johnson, Apostolic Leader of the Ark Fellowship

This book brilliantly describes the desperate need we have as Christians to fellowship with the Holy Spirit! We cannot afford to live beyond or outside of God's presence. This writing will fuel your faith for radical Spirit-filled living. - Ryan LeStrange, Founder and Apostolic Leader of TRIBE International Network of Ministries

To know the Holy Spirit as your friend is life's greatest treasure, and this book will inspire you to seek His friendship above all others.

- Andres Bisonni, International Evangelist

In this book, Vlad demystifies the mysterious veil religion has pulled over the Personhood of the Holy Spirit! This book is a revelation every believer must possess in their life - to host the Holy Ghost!

Leon Du Preez, Founder and President of “The Prophetic Institute”

Pastor Vlad’s book Host The Holy Ghost is a powerful guide for believers seeking to grow a profound, transformative relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Mike Signorelli, Pastor, Author, Founder of V1 Church

An entire book about the most important person in humanity. I can’t recommend this enough. If you feel stuck, like you’re struggling to connect with God, this book is for you!

Isaiah Saldivar, Revivalist, Host of weekly podcast "Revival Lifestyle"

For many years I ministered without real power. I knew the Holy Spirit theologically but not practically. This book by Pastor Vlad will set your heart ablaze with a passion to know the Spirit of God and to long for deeper levels of His presence.

Greg Locke,Pastor, Author, Film producer, Founder of Locke Media and Global Vision Press.

This book shows how to activate the power of God that is already within you by having a relationship with the Holy Ghost. Vladimir Savchuk does a great job illustrating how simple it is to access the Holy Ghost in your life.

Daniel Adams, Founder of The Supernatural Life & Author of Supernatural Living

Perfect timing. What an amazing opportunity for many through this powerful book that is not only going to touch people's lives but to transform them in the times and days and weeks and months and years to come. Thank you for this incredible book, Host the Holy Ghost.

John Ramirez, Evangelist, Author, International Speaker, Founder of John Ramirez Ministries

About the author

Vladimir Savchuk is a rising spiritual voice that God is using to profoundly impact this generation. Leveraging modern media technology to propagate the timeless truth of the faith, Pastor Vlad has written books, hosted conferences and created content platforms that are touching hundreds and thousands of people all around the world.

Pastor Vlad’s creative approach in leading Hungry Generation church has been used by the Holy Spirit to cultivate an anointed internship program and a worship culture with worldwide reach. He is a gifted speaker with an emphasis on rarely-addressed spiritual topics such as spiritual warfare, deliverance and the Holy Spirit. Pastor Vlad is declaring ancient truths in a modern way. He is married to his beautiful wife, Lana, with whom he enjoys spending time and doing ministry together.

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