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I'm Open, I'm Open

Upon waking each morning, there is usually a song playing in my spirit, and as I start to in spirit sing along with it, it plays on repeat, over and over. Sometimes I will go listen to it, but at times like this morning, I sat with the Lord on it.

This morning this chorus was playing: "Come again, come again Let the glory in I'm open, I'm open"

I put my pen to my notebook and began writing what I was seeing and the words started flowing out. It was a picture of a woman calling back to God, reaching out to him as though He was ahead of her and she was behind him, on the floor almost like she was done with the distractions and busyness of life...

We may have been in a place where we have been too busy to sit with God or too stubborn in our ways that we have become a bit closed off. We have been distracted and caught up in the busyness of doing all the things.

I see us remembering what's more important and coming back to the Father with open arms and open hearts. We were chasing the lesser things and God has been wanting to pour out Himself unto us, into our spaces, into our minds, and into everything we are doing, but he wants us to sit with him and become one with him.

We have been handing over the breadcrumbs of ourselves and hoping that would be enough.

We have been filling our lives with all the things, getting involved with all the people, chasing rooms to be in, chasing the next assignment, but we haven't chased after the heart of God in the same way we have chased earthly rooms to sit with people.

We have been busy and he is calling out to us.

Where will he find us?

He has been calling out to us for quite some time, to pull us closer, to bring us into his love, to show us who He truly is, to break us away from the doctrines of man and introduce us into the doctrine of heaven. He took me to Martha and Mary in Luke 10:38-42 where Mary was sitting down before Jesus listening and taking in everything He was speaking, but her sister Martha was busy trying to finish up the tasks of the household to prepare for the guests. She gets irritated with her sister and voices that frustration to Jesus. To which he replies in verse 41 and 42:

"The Lord answered her, 'Martha, my beloved Martha. Why are you upset and troubled, pulled away by all these many distractions? Mary has discovered the one thing most important by choosing to sit at my feet. She is undistracted, and I won’t take this privilege from her.' ”

If Martha didn't sit to rest in the Lord, to take in what he was putting out, she was going to miss out on Him being in the room with her. That was an absolute privilege. Everything else could wait because he wasn't going to be there with them on the earth, and in person, much longer.

I see us kneeling down with our arms stretched out saying "come again" in a sense of recognizing how busy we have been with tears of sorrow that speak "Im so sorry Lord for making this about everything else, but not making it about you."

We are saying come again into our spaces. We invite you into our homes to sit with us. We will make the space and the time to linger in your presence, not jump up for every little thing that is after our attention, but to be a "Mary" at your feet, in awe of you, what you have done, and who you are, as we listen intently to what you are speaking.

We have realized this is the true lifestyle we long to live and we put down the worldly "looking good" before people in order to become undone for Christ.

Martha wanted things to look good before people, but she was missing out on the opportunity to sit before the king of kings.

Its our heart He is after, not how great we can look before men, so as we sing "I'm open, I'm Open" to Him with tear stained cheeks, we are choosing to make space in our hearts, minds, and lives to truly sit with the king and that becomes the most important thing. We become hungry for more and more of him, craving that more than anything else.

May we not abandon the privilege we have been gifted to sit with Jesus. May we take heed the words He spoke to Martha and truly realize Who he is to us and how much our lives depend on walking with him. May we give up the busyness and make space to linger in his presence. It the only place where we find love, healing, deliverance, meaning, truth, wisdom and so much more. Much Love, Crystal Keefer


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