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Isaiah 62 Global Solemn Assembly Collaboration | Mike Bickle

May 7-28, 2023

LOCAL IHOPKC COMMUNITY INFORMATION 21-Day Solemn Assembly | May 7-28, 2023

IHOPKC’s leadership team is responding to the Lord in light of the 40-year anniversary of the 1983 solemn assembly by calling a 21-day fast May 7–28, 2023. We will focus all of our prayer sets in the Global Prayer Room on Jesus’ purposes for Israel and the Jewish people. This fast will culminate on Pentecost Sunday, May 28, when we will be joining 100 million intercessors to pray for Israel as part of the Global Prayer Day for Israel. (Download Mike’s PDF to print and share with your Bible study group, etc) Mike Bickle on the Global Isaiah 62 Fast (PDF) Download the 21-Day Prayer Guide During this fast, Mike Bickle is asking the Lord to move on people to set their heart by God’s grace to join him in a heightened way by being in the Global Prayer Room for at least 6–12 hours a day for 21 days (with exceptions for traveling, family emergencies, etc.). How You Can Participate Join us in the Global Prayer Room in Kansas City or tune in to the webstream. We are believing for 1 Million to join us on the 21-day fast in May and for 100 Million to join us on May 28 that many more millions would be marked for God’s purposes. Three Friday nights in May at 6pm (May 12, 19, 26), our Encountering God Service will be focused on contending for God’s prophetic purposes for Israel and equipping our spiritual family to partner with God’s prophetic purposes in Israel in this hour. We will share prophetic words, events, and messaging along with updates and more. Worship will begin at 6pm. The Children’s Equipping Center will be open for ages 1–12 from 5:45pm to 8pm. (NOTE: We are putting a three-week “pause” on Mike and Stuart’s Friday 7:30pm EGS course on John 13–17 during the fast). Schedule: March 7—May 6: Taking time to prepare our hearts May 7: •Celebrating IHOPKC’s 24th anniversary of continuous prayer with worship •The 40-year remembrance day of our historic 21-day Daniel 9 fast of 1983 •The 21-day Isaiah 62 fast begins May 12: Friday service – Encounter God Service, 6pm CT May 19: Friday service – Encounter God Service, 6pm CT May 26: Friday service – Encounter God Service, 6pm CT May 28: Global Day of Prayer with 100M intercessors

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