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Jesus Image-Pastors Conference 09/21

Bring your teams to Pastors Conference on September 21-22! Our team is passionate about training and encouraging pastors, ministry leaders, and church teams (admin, worship team, next-gen, small group leaders, volunteers, and more!) all over the world to follow Jesus personally, have healthy families, and lead biblical churches that are led by the Holy Spirit.

Hear from Michael Koulianos, Jessica Koulianos, Worship by Jesus Image, Benny Hinn, Steffany Gretzinger, Francis Chan, Jeremy & Katie Riddle, Michael & Lorisa Miller, Tommy Reid, Reverend Paul Teske, & Randy Needham. If you joined us last year, you know this is a life-changing conference with invaluable opportunity for growth and encouragement. You can watch some powerful moments from Pastors Conference 2023 on the Jesus Image YouTube Channel!

For more information or to register click below

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