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Key to the Treasure Trove

Word to The Ecclesia:

We are living in a New Era, and The Lord is speaking

“Now” words to His Bride, to His Ecclesia.

Sitting at the feet of The Lord, I heard Him say:

You hold the key to the treasure trove that is hanging in the balance.

(I asked: What is this treasure trove[1] that is hanging in the balance[2]?)

He responded:

Calamity… vs… The avoidance[3] of calamity[4].

The treasure trove is filled with the riches of heaven to walk in peace, prosperity, joy, abundance, exuberant life, and fulfilled destiny. The treasure trove will enable and equip you to usher heaven to earth, while stewarding heaven’s  riches well. The key to unlocking and possessing these treasures  resides[5] in your alignment and agreement with Me, leading to heavenly empowered declarations and decrees coming straight from the Throne Room. All this, in the midst of calamity on the earth around you.

Hold fast[6] to My word; never let it go. It is light and life for you[7]. Hold fast to the teachings of My holy, anointed leaders within My Ecclesia. Many of them are receiving imperative downloads from Me for this current season, to guide and equip you, My Bride. Hold on. The ride is about to get rocky[8] and tumultuous[9]. But you have the key to the treasure trove to avoid calamity.

I am rocking the boat now; the ride is about to get tumultuous. However, as you insert My key from the anointed, pure teaching of My word, calamity will be avoided. Stand strong, stand firm, hold fast to My word, My truth; never let it go. Now is the time to study, pour over, meditate on, and camp out on the teachings I am giving through My purified leaders.

I am holy, and I expect you to be holy. Remember that holiness begets holiness, which begets holiness. My holiness is right now cleansing and purifying My Bride, bringing her into a deeper and deeper place of holiness. Obedience and submission are keys to becoming the pure, holy Bride that I can use — the pure, holy Bride that is prepared for My return. I am so pleased and proud of your faithfulness, and I will reward this obedient, submissive faithfulness with more of heaven — more power, more blessings, more seeds, more harvest… More!

The treasure trove is filled with the riches of heaven to walk in your full authority as sons and daughters, ruling and reigning[10] with Me over the earth and everything in it. That includes the rule over the atmosphere, over the wealth on the earth, and over the leading of lost souls back to Me — for the harvest is plentiful. You will decree a thing and it will be so[11]. You will be raised up into the full position of the inheritance for which you were created, to rule and to reign over the kingdoms of this world, thus transforming them into the “kingdom of your God and of His Christ.”[12] 

All of this for My great glory and honor and praise. It is all Mine; I am calling My Church to arise and reclaim it for Me. In the midst of calamity on the earth all around you, you will be blessed in order to be a blessing. And you will have the great privilege of blessing Me.

The key that you hold in your hand, which unlocks this higher calling for breakthrough over the earth, is found in knowing Me — knowing My heart, knowing My voice, and knowing My word. Hold fast to Me and to My word. Never let it go. Eat it, drink it, sleep with it, meditate on it night and day… and do what it says. Be still and quiet with Me, your “One and Only”. I am calling you to a greater devotion to Me.

Time spent with Me is territory conquered. Intimacy with Me is total victory procured[13] over the enemy’s thievery. Singing to Me is the crushing of every dark force. I am to be your greatest treasure, your greatest focus, your greatest desire, your One and Only.

You are My pride and you are My joy. I am filled with delight over you, My beautiful holy Bride.


[1] Treasure Trove - “a place that is full of something good; a large amount of money or things of great value found hidden somewhere.”

Additional Comment - It is the discovery of an invaluable hidden treasure! God has placed this treasure within our reach for us to “find”, as we follow and obey Him.

[2] Hanging in the balance - “If a situation is in the balance, it has reached a stage where it will soon be decided, one way or another; in a critical, undecided state.”


Additional Comment - Hanging in the balance indicates that it can go either way, depending on our choices.

[3] Avoidance - “To stay clear of; go around or away from. To take measures so as not to encounter; to prevent from happening.”


[4] Calamity - “An event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress, or severe affliction; a disaster; dire distress resulting from loss or tragedy.”

5] Reside - “to dwell permanently or continuously. It expresses an idea that a person keeps or returns to a particular dwelling place as his fixed, settled, or legal abode. The plain meaning of reside implies a continuous arrangement.”

[6] Hold fast - “to be diligent, to cling to, or to take a firm grasp of. It is based on the idea of gripping tightly to an object.”

[7] Proverbs 4:13 “Hold fast to instruction, never let it go; keep it, for it is your life.”

[8] Rocky - “Full of problems or difficulties.”

[9] Tumultuous - “very loud, or full of confusion, change, or uncertainty; disorderly agitation or milling about of a crowd usually with uproar and confusion of voices.”

Synonyms - cataclysmic, stormy, convulsive.

[10] Ephesians 2:6 “[God] raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus…”

Revelation 1:6 “[He] has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.”

[11] Job 22:28 “You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And light will shine on your ways.”

[12] Revelation 11:15 “Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, ‘The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!’”

[13] Procure - “to get possession of (something): to obtain (something) by particular care and effort.”

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