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Orphan No More

When the witness to what was Fell in love with the seed of yesterday The reservoir began to well up with redemption. While the arms of the Father prepared a table

Mother, faithful in the unseen Surrounded the sound that was calling from the desert Crying out in the midnight hour “ WHERE ARE YOU?”

Woven in-between the battle flag & the bed Was the love of Abba hiding His son on the run Rejected by the world, Yet lest we forget, so was Yeshua

Some will call him priest, prophet & king To others a knight born from the holiness of his fathers sword, the WORD Tomorrow may declare he once was Yet today we proclaim he has arrived

Blood born & bought Adopted here on Earth as in Heaven Released from the fear that once was A TRIPP around the SON

In honor of the hearts that declare ORPHAN NO MORE.

This instrumental prayer track was created to both Honor the Edwards family here in TN as well as their newly adopted son Lancelot Tripp Edwards.

Equally as much as there are literal orphans grasping to hold onto whatever realities they can find, there are mothers of The Most High waking up knightly asking YHWH for the sons they never had. In the same manner we have men and women across a multitude of generations that continue passing on the remnants of an old family heirloom.... the orphan spirit.

Year after year, turn moments into memories of tired fathers and wounded knees. There are battle lines and alabaster scars sifting through the debris of harness & bitter roots within these family trees. Yet in the midst of these men, mothers and forgotten brothers are those whom stand.

Standing the gap in the midnight hour, feeding the censors around the throne the wail & they moan. Relinquishing back to the Father what His Spirit gave us to groan, the beck and call of He who gave it all. The tongues of fire freely grieving in the 11th hour turn tears into joy and everlasting power.

Calling forth the orphans and bathing them in the divine. Casting our demons of doubt and self pity that masquerade as prideful men in this city. You see there is coming a mass exodus, a people that will declare ORPHAN NO MORE & BRIDE FOREVERMORE.

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