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PlayAudible sampleA People After God's Own Heart: Living Passionately for Jesus in the 21st Century

Ryan Bruss(Author, Publisher), Larry Nobles(Narrator)

Right now, there are men and women, young and old, that are feeling a deep stirring within them. They are crying out from their spirits, "There’s got to be more!” They are hungry for the deeper things of God. They are thirsty for his presence 24/7. They are not settling for nominal Christianity. They want to move in signs, wonders, and miracles!

Something wonderful is going to happen soon, and your prayer meeting is going to change; your lunch appointment will be all about what God is doing. People will be talking about Jesus at work and at play. Worship music will play in homes again. Church gatherings will never be the same. People you would least expect will start asking questions about you being a Christian. Get ready!

Jesus radiates love. And when we encounter him, we will also radiate his love. Jesus’ love is a love that outshines and outlasts all other loves. He gave us his wholehearted love and longs for wholehearted love in return. He has an unending river of love pouring out to us. All he is asking from us is simple - for us to passionately love him in return. If we are to encounter Jesus, we have to begin to realize that he must be the continual focus of all of our heart, all of our love, all of our desire, all of our ambition, and all of our passion.

Passionate love for Jesus is our highest calling.

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