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Pop-Ins Catering and Pastries

Hi my name is Denise Breaux, I'm the founder of Pop- ins! In my heart Pop- ins encompasses so many ways to serve others. The branch that I'm launching at this time is Pastries and Catering. Almost all of my recipes are from really special people in my life! Some have passed on and some are still with us today.

So many have said to me over the years, "you should really market and sell your desserts and home cooking", so that's what I'm doing.

I truly look forward to popping in to meet those I can serve these delicious treats and meals to.

As you will see in the days and months to come. Pop- ins is so much more than just comfort food! There are stories and love behind these recipes!

"My heart is to serve others with a little piece of home through my pastries and dinners served."

Place orders by calling: 337-499-6763

Or through clicking the Facebook link below

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