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Day 1-After a time of worship, prayer and prophecy Dr. Venner released this word over Charleston

“Winds, boisterous winds, winds that have come up from the water. They’re winds of vanity, dissension, winds that have said we will blow upon them and keep them separate because in the day that they stand together will be the day that they will overrun us. But I hear the Lord say, I am causing a fresh wind to blow over Charleston for MY desire is that Charleston would become a beacon of unity. That they would become a mobilizing force and factor in this nation. And I hear the Lord say, I have not changed my mind about Charleston. I hear the Lord say, what I am getting ready to do, no one will be able to own my move. I am going to begin to do something….I see sparks, flames, embers rising up in unlikely places. God says I am going to begin to breathe and release fire in places that I hear people say “really?! that is amazing. I can’t hardly believe that but I know it’s god”. God says I am going to begin to move among those that nobody recognizes. Nobody knows them. I am going to begin to create a synergy and it is going to cross borders, boundaries, and ethnicities but I have a remnant that have said we will come together and we will be as one voice and we will be as one people. I hear the Lord say even as Charleston is known for being one of the primary slave ports he says where Charleston was known for captivity, Charleston will be known for setting the captive free. And there will be unity and there will be love that will abound in this region and in this territory. And the Lord says, I am going to cross demographics. Watch now, I am going to put it in the hearts of those that are chasing MY heart to begin to gather in the place where the counties converge. For there is a place where your counties converge. And the Lord says I am calling you to gather in those places where the boundaries converge, and I WILL MEET YOU THERE says the Spirit of the Living God.”

Watch. I am not from here… I don’t know where that place is. I just know I can see intersections, crossings. And if you all would begin to gather, if you will begin to convene, God says I will meet you there. There is an equal but separate mentality. Equal but separate. You go over there. I will go over here. The Lords says, I am coming to BREAK THAT WALL DOWN.

Day 2-There was a deep travail released as women went after the Lord in prayer, intercession and worship...

Dr. Venner J Alston @ Audacious Woman - Charleston, SC 6/24/23

For yes, there is a new sound that I’m bringing into the region. For I have already released the sound of interruption I have come to interrupt the status quo that has said we will move this way and we will move that way. And I hear the Lord saying, “they will not move this way and they will not move that way; but they will move my way says the LORD. for I have come to turn things upside down. I have come to upset the basket of religiosity that has been in the region. I have come to SHIFT the spirit of possessiveness that has been in the region for the move is mine says God. The agenda is mine and only mine and I have those that have been in the cave with me they've been in the place of intimacy. And i have those that have fallen on their faces and said God come in the way that you desire. I have those that have said build your kingdom through me OH GOD! Don't let me build my own Kingdom. And I hear the Lord say I am mobilizing them in this season and in this time. I am upending the old to make way for the news, says the Lord. It will not be this way or that way, but it will be my way. And i say to the watchmen over the region it is time to watch in a new way. it is time to watch with great intensity and great expectation. Watchmen, Watchmen. What of the night? It is time for you to watch and then to declare what you are hearing. For I will show you the things that are moving in this region those assignments that have come to stop the flow of freedom in this region. I will show you what is at work And I will give you my strategic plan to dismantle every assignment of hell that would try to come in in this season and in this time but know that I said my winds are blowing. MY winds are blowing. Upside down it shall be for a season and then it shall be RIGHT SIDE UP. Watchman, watchman, watch the night. Watch in the night and watch the night. I am calling the watchman to the night. To WATCH . in the darkness I will let you see the mobilization. Watch in the night and declare.” I release a new strength over every watchman in this room. New strength to watch new courage to declare. I release it now.

(there is a groaning sound) Mmmmmm, I know what that is. It is the travail of the watchman! Mmmmm, PUSH. Yes. It is the travail It is the travail It is the travail. It is the travail of the watchman. WHOOOO!!! Watchman! Mmmmm. Ohhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Wooooohhhh. From the belly watchman! It is a BIRTHING MOMENT! Push!!!! PUSH! PUSH!!! (tongues- a tongue to be interpreted)

It will be found on your knees says the lord. It will be found on your knees. In that place of travail. Giving birth to strategies. And even signs and wonders saith the Lord. For surely I am looking for those that carry the sound of travail. When you bow on your knees and you begin to go into travail he says look for divine strategies. That the Heavens will begin to download to you in this season.

I desire your travail. When Zion travailed she brought forth a nation. When Zion travailed A region was birthed into it’s destiny. When Zion travailed mmmmmmm I am bringing back travail to the watchman. I am activating travail in the watchman. The sound that comes from the deep place. It’s the sound that comes from the deep place.

( a song declaration) Deep calls to Deep. It comes from the deep. Launch on out into the deep. Calls to deep……come on up Here! I am calling you out into the deep place. It’s in the deep place!

You find HIM in the deep place. That’s where you find Him. That’s where He’s waiting! in the deep place. He’s waiting.

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