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Practicing the Presence with Steffany Gretzinger

Premiered Mar 6, 2024  Worship is my Weapon Podcast

82,772 views • Premiered Mar 6, 2024 • Worship is my Weapon Podcast

So often, we hear a word from the Lord, and in our excitement, we run ahead, believing that He's called us to something BIG! But what if God just wanted us to sit in His presence? Rita Springer and Steffany Gretzinger sit down and discuss prophetic worship, true calling, and the joy that comes from practicing the presence of the Lord. PS - Our team experienced some video and audio difficulties during the taping of this episode, but the conversation was so good we didn't want to cut anything out! We hope this will not impact the overall experience and that this conversation will inspire and challenge you as you walk the narrow road with God.

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Rita Springer

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