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Reviving the Holy City

Rob received a sign from the Lord in October, 1989, which inspired him to write this prophetic message to the church and city of Charleston, South Carolina.

The prophetic sign embodied a message contained in Jesus address to the church in Laodicea found in Revelation 3:14-22.

An in-depth evaluation of Charleston s history confirms the applicability of the divine sign and the validity of the prophetic message to Charleston contained in this book. Reviving the Holy City not only uncovers the divine, redemptive purpose of Charleston, but also the demonic strongholds that have hindered its progressive fulfillment. Prophetic insight is offered on how to overcome these diabolical influences along with introducing key concepts towards reviving the Greater Charleston area and truly transforming it into its namesake - The Holy City.

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About the Author

Rob Winters is president and co-founder of Prepare the Way International, a prophetic ministry whose mission encompasses turning the heart of America back to God.

Entrusted with a message and mantle of repentance, Rob and his wife Kay are preparing a way for the Lord to bring revival to the Church and catalyze a revolution of righteousness that will ultimately bring community transformation and reformation to America and the nations.

Rob earned a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Christian International in 1992. He has written several books, is an itinerant conference speaker, and has conducted prophetic ministry training seminars internationally since 1995. Rob, his beloved wife Kay, and their four children reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

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