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There is a younger generation ready and lined up RIGHT NOW in this nation ready to run their race. They are younger than what is expected and they have already been in training. There is a new generation of Jesus lovers standing at the gate and ready for their race to begin.

To those that have had their babies in prayer meetings, worship gatherings and tribes, they are ready. They have heard the word and gleaned from your fields, they are ready. Every nation tribe and tongue of Gen Z have gathered with their flags, ready to race in unity filled with joy and eager anticipation. There is no competition, only completion.

There is a generation of men and women whom have just stepped into retirement that I hear the Lord saying, “ NOW IS YOUR TIME TO GET TO WORK”. It’s time to get into the pit to begin rebuilding. There are those in the pits of death and hell, those that have been tossed into Sheol and forgotten about, that need rescuing. For those of you past 60, I am speaking to you, this is your season of teaching, defending in the spirit and rebuilding.

What YHWH is gonna do through you in this season is faster than you have dreamed about. Once the checkered flag ( others checkered past) is dropped be ready. I hear the phrase PIT CREW. There are many who have spun their wheel out of control and are ready to be rebuilt to finish their race.

There are many in the body of Christ and many church that have malfunctions in their power supply. You have become ungrounded and the lights are going out in the places you gather to be fed. Whats being served is beginning to spoil. There are those sitting in your flocks right now the have grown bitter and full of judgement. The Lord is sending help to repair what’s grown broken. It will come through baptism of water, taking the plunge will resolve your issues. Yet it will take blind faith and trust. There are pastors that are being called to repent and be baptized fresh in the power of the Holy Ghost. Caretakers of the bride, what you reap you shall sow.

There are tables ready to be set. Multiple generations are being crafted, both refined and rough hewn, both young and old. The rough hewn may not be as pleasing to the eyes, yet they will be the pieces that hold it all together. They have been cured though time and adversity and can take beating, the force and pressure that it takes from society cannot stand against their victories of the past. Do not forsake the rough rugged and raw, you need them. There is a high price to be paid for the “ reclaimed barn wood” of the past. This is the remnant of the storehouse and a glimpse into past promise that paved the paths for your tomorrow. HONOR WHERE HONOR IS DUE

There is work to do, the stage is set. Yet there is joy to be found in the refining time of the secret place. It is time to trust the plumb bob, the level and the line. YHWH is making things straight….. RUNNERS ON YOUR Mark

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