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SC Coast Line Special Prayer Assignment

Mark Johnson of SC Intercessors for America is planning a prayer initiative on Saturday, 8/19 at every beach along the coast. We will follow his instructions that follow and all will join in at 11:00 AM on a conference call. If you plan to participate, please let me know so we can be sure all the beaches are covered.

Then there will be another prayer strike at Ft. Pulaski on Sunday as outlined below.

Pray about getting involved.

Judy Jackson Ministries has partnered with IfA to cover our State in prayer so that SC can moved into God's Redemptive Purpose and be the "State that Reverses the Curse" and Leads the Nation into Awakening.

Sign up> Get Involved. Let your Voice be heard in Prayer and Intercession.

SC Coast Line Special Prayer Assignment

For several months now, we have been led to pray over the coast of SC. In many cases, people have gotten images as they have prayed (at least 12 times) that indicate both an imminent danger coming to the coastline, and perhaps that preceding an opportunity for God\s blessing and a wave of revival. The images are far too many to share here, but after sharing with leaders of other prayer networks in the State, we agreed that a special prayer time needed to occur along the coast of SC at an appointed time on 12 different locations. The locations are listed below. The time will be August 19th at 11 AM. Here is the plan.

1. Select a location from the 12 (or even add one on the coast), and be on the beach by 11 AM. We will not make an attempt to actually meet together on each beach because logistics would be very difficult. Just position yourself on the beach you choose as a “watchman” on the wall.

2. The prayer points are:

a. For the Lord to protect the coast, but at the same time bring into SC the shaking that needs to occur for hearts to be receptive to His love.

b. That the “trash” of wrong motives, history, and wrong trust be washed out of SC, and the land be cleansed by the Blood of Christ.

c. That the evil intent of the enemy be stopped, and that the stoppage be something that can be witnessed by the people of SC.

d. Pray for repentance to break out across believers and unbelievers alike in SC.

e. Ask the Lord specifically to send His angels to assist in protecting our coastline and the people of South Carolina.

f. Pray for State and local leaders to have great wisdom in the coming months.

3. Dial into our conference call number: 605-313-4146 and at the prompt enter the access code 8055469#. Please mute your phone unless you are praying because wind noise will make it hard to hear! Some sections on the coast line will not have adequate cell coverage, so if you cannot connect, please just pray the points and listen for whatever the Lord may show you. If you cannot join us on a beach, please feel free to join the call from home.

4. If the Lord gives you something specific in your prayer times, please write it down and forward it to

Here are the Locations!!

Little River Myrtle Beach Surfside Beach Litchfield Beach

Pawley's Island McClellanville Sullivans Island Folly Beach

Edisto Beach Fripp Island Hunting Island Hilton Head

Fort Pulaski Assignment

On August 20th, we will pray at Fort Pulaski which is in the middle of the Savannah River (in GA) at 2:30 in the afternoon. We will pray at the monument to John Wesley which is on the grounds of the fort. This will be the final “pin” of our anchoring SC. The focus of this prayer over SC other than to complete “Painting the Borders” is a new wave of evangelism to sweep across the State. Please join us.

The Fort is located at:

101 Fort Pulaski Rd, Savannah, GA

Mark Johnson

IFA South Carolina State Prayer Leader

News. Prayer. Action.

Pray with us on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. ET

and Monday at 7:00 PM ET

Conference #: (605) 313-4146

Access code: 8055469

IFA Home office: (800)-872-7729

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