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Spiritual Authority & 5-Fold Ministry


Carolyn and I grew up in Christ under the richest teaching of the last century. The Lord said that we can no longer assume that those from younger generations know these rich truths we learned from our forefathers. He directed me personally to start teaching more. It's a 180 degree turn for me, because even though I've taught in Bible schools a good portion of my life, I've always been more of a preacher and an evangelist by nature.


A Pensacola revival school of ministry has agreed to send us all the recordings of classes we taught there more than 20 years ago under a rich revival anointing that was present there. We’ve also added a few others done recently. It will be like attending a digital Bible school. We are making these courses available on our website to download, for a song. By downloading any course or courses you’ll also be helping our missions cause. Proceeds will go toward our international bases and traveling costs. Our first course is now available. More courses will be added.

Check them out, share them, and use them as you’d like. We hope they are a blessing to the hungry ones. The picture below is not a link. Link is in the comment section.

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