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Temple Courts

I recently posted an intense word about the judgment of God that I received back in 2015. I felt to re-share the word for 1 main purpose. It was to show that God always prepares His people in advance of things to come.

1. For them to Pray

a. To receive instruction

b. To pray against the thing happening (power of life or death in the tongue)

c. For a shift of Perspective- Transformed Mind (Because the Revelation has challenged a mindset)

2. To Inform/ Warn a person, group, city, nation

3. To Create a strengthening of Faith and Confidence that He cares for Us enough to share His heart with us.

With that being said I want to fast forward from 2015 to Early 2018. I began to have images of this passage play out in my head over and over…

Matt 21:12 Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves.

But the interesting part is what He spoke to me… He said:

“I am coming. To turn things right side up.”

This is interesting because my initial reaction to the image is “Whoa, He’s turning everything upside down.”

Stay with me, this is going to get real exciting in a minute….

For a VERY LONG TIME those who call ourselves Christians, Christ’s disciples (students), have followed a model that was NOT modeled after Christ but after a system of the world (those who don’t know HIM). We have built businesses instead of Houses of Prayer.

One thing that is very important to understand is the definition of what we have understood the “church” to be. The Church is the PEOPLE NOT THE BUILDING. The gathering of Believers, called the Church, is supposed to be a group of students coming together on a regular (daily) basis to equip, prepare and encourage one another. We have gotten so far off from the model of the early church (refer to the Entire book of Acts in the Bible) that we don’t look anything like Christ when it comes to our weekly gatherings anymore. (more on that to come later)

I believe the overall message that the Lord was saying to me through this picture and wording is that He was going to suddenly show up at the temple (representing Church) and drive out all the impure motives, business motivated, advantage taking junk that has been going on in a place that is supposed to be Holy, Sacred and Pure. A gathering that is supposed to be for equipping, training, encouraging, finding peace, and family. We have created an image of ourselves that has NOT represented Christ but instead, hasn’t looked much different from any self-help, positive message of a business gathering. We, as “Christians” should look more like the image of Christ than anything else. It’s time for the TRUE CHURCH to be Cleansed!!!!

Posted on 03/28/20

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