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The Coming Restoration: Character, Doctrine, Power and Authority

(Living Letters to the Churches) by Bert M. Farias(Author)

The purpose of revival is to restore life to the Church and to bring reformation where necessary. Revival and revivalism are only one step toward the original standard and design of God. The Divine standard is for a Spirit-filled Church of love and power and a mature man in Christ.

There is a coming restoration in the Church that will produce a glory that will be greater than anything we’ve ever seen. God’s remnant people are pregnant with a giant baby called The Coming Restoration and the manifestation of the glorious sons of God on the earth.

In this hour, Jesus is building strong local churches that reflect His own image of grace and truth through the restoration of character, doctrine, power, and authority in His people and the fullness of the Spirit, especially in His servant-leaders and those who govern.

The Word says the government will rest upon His shoulders, and His disciples kept that in view when each city became the local seat of His government. This is why when we read Scriptures, it speaks of the called-out assembly of Ephesus or the called-out assembly of Corinth, or Philippi, etc. In essence, Jesus was instructing His disciples to build His government with His saints in each city, united together as one local body, the local expression of His Kingdom. They were thus to bring in His authority and glory on this earth through Jesus, their Lord and King.

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