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"The FUTURE of the prophetic movement: LEADING WELL as a PROPHET":

One of the things that I feel that is important for the future of the Prophetic Movement is for the “NEXT-GENERATION” to get equipped in LEADERSHIP. When I started traveling and being put in different streams of the prophetic I realized as I traveled and met a lot of amazing prophets that are some of them were the BEST at prophesying, but when they got off the platform, they were not great leaders.

I am not saying they have bad character. What I am saying is that within the growing and building of the prophetic movement, there was a lack of training in leadership overall with the explosion of the prophetic being birthed and put in the earth. I believe, which I am incorporating in my “EQUIP online prophetic school” and the building of the future of the prophetic movement is teaching on leading well as a prophet. Leading by “how you feel” is not leadership.

You lead by biblical principles.

I know it takes time, but you are worth it and the people under your care are worth it. I can see why apostles, pastors, teachers or even evangelists can get frustrated with us, because of a lack of these biblical principles of leadership and even understanding the responsibility of stewarding prophecy and words that we release.

Some of the “perceived” attack on the prophets in this last season wasn’t against the character of the prophet, but was maybe a gentle confrontation of our lack of leading well through some of those muddy waters. I kinda wish the older generation of prophets would of led that conversation better, than reacting. Some were amazing and some took it as rejection and reacted. I just know we will have to steward and respond better in the future because God is raising up amazing leaders that are prophets that will help lead the future of the church.

This is a basic example: To a generation that maybe aren’t the best at communication. If you give your cell number to someone and that person texts or calls you. Answer the text or call them back. No one is perfect at this, and they are seasons we are all busy, but because many leaders ask me to recommend young prophets/leaders to them.

I have had MANY complaints about younger and older prophets I recommend that don’t respond ever to them via text/phone. I get embarrassed for them. If you only knew how many pastors I have had to apologize to from leaders I recommend. It’s been so many, that I have stopped recommending some young prophets to pastors that I know that have this consistent behavior. What’s even sadder is when you try to gently tell them about their behavior, almost every single time is a justification of behavior. When you justify, you will never choose to fix the behavior.

This was a basic example, but I am dreaming of the day that we will have some amazing prophets leading with great leadership skills. It’s totally possible, when we are intentional.

More to come….

Love you all.....we can do this together...and HONOR our King Jesus.

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