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The Kingdom of God: A Present Day Reality

The purpose of the sons of God is so that the glory of God can be revealed in us to the world and the church. All creation waits for the manifestation or revealing of the sons of God. The earth is reeling and convulsing. The whole earth is groaning to be brought back to the perfect state before the fall. Something great is about to happen. We are truly living in the last days, and someone has to usher in the coming of Jesus. Man is convulsing, whether in sin or in righteousness, the sinful man because of his need to be set free, the righteous because of his anticipation of the glory to be revealed in him. The sinful man is crying out saying deliver me from the bondage of my corruption. The righteous man is crying out saying Lord bring your glory, bring change in my life and effect my world. All creation is waiting for Christ to be revealed in the sons of God. Even we are waiting for the adoption to liberate and redeem our bodies. All creation is on tiptoes with outstretched arms, eagerly waiting for a change. Creation and man are saying, “Hurry up, sons of God. Press your way into the Kingdom. Something’s got to give.” You and I are that vanguard company who will bring all of us to the brink of that change. If I were to ask you if all of the stretching, anguish and pain were worth it, you would absolutely say yes because everything points to this day.

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About the Author

David Prosser was born in December of 1956 and grew up in a pastor’s home. At the age of 21 God called him into the ministry. He has received impartation from many great Apostles and Prophets. He is a carrier of the manifest presence of God. As Jesus said” Every scribe which is instructed into the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man which brings out of his treasure things new and old.” David has penned revelation from past years and current revelation to bring an in season word to the body of Christ for such a time as this. He travels nationally and Internationally to equip the Church and move it into maturity.

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