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The Six Elementary Principles of the Doctrine of Christ

In addressing believers, the Amplified Classic version of the Bible refers to the six elementary principles of the doctrine of Christ as “matters of which you should have been fully aware long, long ago” (Hebrews 6:2). However, in our day, many have become fully unaware of these matters.

This book was written to help ground all new believers and to stir and embolden older believers in the much-neglected foundational truths of God’s Word. A structurally sound building is dependent on a properly set foundation. Likewise, a spiritually sound life depends on a proper foundation of God’s Word, which should begin with the six elementary principles of the doctrine of Christ. They are: Repentance from dead works, faith toward God, the doctrine of baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.

These foundational and eternal truths serve as a bulwark against spiritual deception that plagues multitudes of humans, keeping them blind, bound, and headed for destruction. No matter what is propagated by religion, academia, or “science” in these last days and perilous times, the six elementary principles of the doctrine of Christ, which is the infallible Word of Almighty God, shall never be prevailed against or pass away.


Roy Farias is a former Roman Catholic with a burden to see the lost understand their need to come to Christ and for the Church to live Spirit-filled lives in wholehearted obedience to the will and plan of God. He and his wife Elizabeth reside in Massachusetts, and have been Christians for forty and thirty-one years, respectively.

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