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The Zerubbabel Call: Rebuilding the Temple of the Lord in Us

by Mary T. Greene(Author)

Are you ready for the global outpouring of the glory of God?

We are standing on the threshold of the door to the greatest outpouring of God’s glory since the beginning of creation! If you want to prepare for what God is doing in these last days, you must be able to discern the Times and Seasons of the Cyrus anointing and The Zerubbabel Call. From this revelation, you must prepare yourself through bridal intimacy to become the holy temple of the Lord carrying God’s glory.

This captivating book reveals hidden truths including:

• Who was Zerubbabel and why is he important to you? • What are the Biblical blueprints to rebuild the temple of the Lord in you? • What are the five pillars that uphold your temple? • How does the Zerubbabel Call usher in bridal intimacy with Jesus? • What is the true justice of the Lord? • Who are the priests in the temple today? Mary Greene, Christian author and minister, uncovers hidden truths about The Zerubbabel Call and how it applies to you today. Journey back to the days of Zerubbabel to obtain the Biblical blueprints of how to rebuild the temple of the Lord in you!

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