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Word by Nate Johnston posted on 02/20/24

I want to prophesy over your week..

I was texting a friend yesterday when I said “The church is in a rebirth moment!”Then last night I dreamt I was Lazarus in a tomb hearing the voice of the Lord say “Lazarus come forth!” 

I began to slowly unravel the bandages that were all around me. They were heavy and stuck tight but the more He called the easier they began to come off. 

His voice was compassionate and tender, yet it also felt like the summoning of our warrior king, our general calling us out of sleep. 

Jesus said in John 11:11; “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.”

But what I felt in the dream was not just awakening but REBIRTH. 

The church is in a place of rebirth. You and I are in rebirth. 

Right now that looks like the dark and messy tomb where the Lord is tenderly unraveling us of the old wineskin and the trail of pain and trauma behind us. 

Rebirth is needed so we leave with a clean slate and a fresh heart on fire for God. 

For many have died before their time and have forfeited their callings. 

Many have fallen in the battle, surrounded by failure and ruin, without any hope of redemption or another hope filled chapter. 

But rebirth is happening. In fact the dark night you are in is the sign that God is REFORMING you and RESURRECTING you. 

This part doesn’t depend on your faith or your hope gauge being filled, but the might, power, and authority of Jesus in your life and His faithfulness to finish the story well for you. 

I could feel the bandages coming off like old wounds being healed and bondages being released from my life. 

Our last season had wrapped us up so tightly that it was hard to dream. Hard to see promise. Hard to see the new day dawning. 

But as the bandages came off hope started to break into the darkness like an old reminder that Gods specialty is the comeback. The prison break. The glory after the suffering. 

And that’s where you and I are right now. 

It has felt like a tomb but what if God has used it to be a womb of your greatest comeback and rebirth? 

What if God used what looked like the death of your destiny to be your greatest turnaround? 

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