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Three Prophetic Dreams 11/5/23-Jeremiah Johnson

I had a series of prophetic dreams on Saturday night that I am releasing with a motive to call for increased prayer and bring awareness to the American Church. The Scriptures are clear; “God has not given us a spirit of fear” (2 Timothy 1:7). However, Jesus Himself told us to “keep watch and avoid deception.” (Matt 24:4) It is imperative that Christians recognize the spiritual battle that is waging in our nation and how we can actively partner with what the Holy Spirit is revealing right now.

Dream One

In the first dream, I was taken to numerous terrorist sleeper cells in America. To my surprise, many of them met in rural neighborhoods and were very well organized. I was handed a piece of paper at one of the meetings and on it was listed two objectives of the groups who met. 1. To destroy Christian liberties in America. 2. To cause coordinated chaos and destruction in certain cities and states. In this dream, I was given four specific states that need an increased prayer covering. Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Maryland. I also was taken to several larger gatherings where information about upcoming terrorist attacks was being distributed. Indianapolis, IN and an unknown city in New Jersey were highlighted to me. If you live in any of these states or cities mentioned, I encourage you to consider sowing significant prayer time asking God to expose and reveal these organized and hidden terrorist sleeper cells.

Dream Two

In the second dream, I encountered a large black cobra snake with three heads that had incredible striking capabilities. To my shock, it had dug a system of tunnels underneath cities in America and had easy access to these terror sleeper cells. At a particular gathering, I confronted this demonic beast and it revealed to me its agenda and plans.

As it lifted its three heads to strike me, I saw written on the neck of the first head, “Marxism”. On the neck of the second head, it had, “Death to the Jews” written on it, and on the neck of the third head it said, “Esther Shall Not Rise”. As I quickly read all of these inscriptions on the large three headed cobra snake, it suddenly hissed one word to me that sent chills up my spine. It said, “Hamas”.

I immediately knew in the dream that America is facing a spiritual battle on three fronts. The word, “Hamas” which means “violence” is manifesting in these primary areas:

1. Death to Jews

Satan is trying to stir up hatred and violence toward Jewish people in America.

2. Esther Shall Not Rise

Satan is waging war on female voices in America and does not want them to speak and walk in their God given authority.

3. Marxism

Satan is targeting the educational system in high schools and college campuses in America to sow this ideology that breeds corruption and violence.

Dream Three

In the third dream, I visited a church in America and sat down in the sanctuary. The minister got up to preach a message and the title flashed on the screen, “Gather to Scatter”. He preached about the need for those in attendance to consider prayer walking their neighborhood, schools, and taking the gospel to work every day. He mentioned that he was aware of underground terror activity in America and was calling to church to increased prayer and revival. The minister said that the purpose behind the corporate service was to “gather” so that then the congregation could “scatter” during the week to win the lost and make disciples. He closed in prayer and told those of us in attendance that America had entered a new season where church attendance would no longer be enough. He specifically instructed us to read the book of Acts and Revelation every month.

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