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Tomi Arayomi Regional Leaders Meeting-Charleston, SC

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Chuck Coward from Entrusted Foundation and Mark & Patricia Estes from North Palm Church invited a small group of local and regional leaders for the purpose of coming together to discuss how we can be Most Effective at Advancing the Kingdom Together. Tomi shared a very timely and challenging word.

A few notes:

Time is running out. We have NO more time to argue over theology! There needs to be a synergy for a catalyst.

Crisis forces Leadership to Arise!

Reverse the Curse! REVOLUTION!

In this word Tomi teaches from Ezekiel 37 regarding the Valley of Dry Bones.

We're crying out for an outpouring, but God is asking for a vessel to pour into.

What skeleton (structure) are you going to create for the breath of God?

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