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Training in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Windham NH Oct 7-8

We are losing something. The true manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit have declined in the past generation. Attraction churches. Show biz churches. Fashion churches. Seeker-friendly churches. Progressive churches. We've had them all. Most of them have done a great disservice to the move of God. Most have been ignorant of spiritual things. It's one of the reasons we have participated and conducted Holy Ghost Forums for the last decade or so. Our next one is October 7-8 up here in Windham, NH. They will soon spread to other parts of the nation and there are a good number overseas that are watching.

There is remnant that are hungry for the great manifestations of the Spirit of God. But some have been discouraged because of the cheap imitation, the fake, the hype, the sensational, and the general overall inaccuracy of these gifts. Books have been written on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but most of them don't go far enough. They define the gifts and give examples of them from the Scriptures, but few teach by precept and example.

I just published a book at the end of last year on The SUPERNATURAL CHURCH OF LOVE & POWER. 1 Corinthians 14:1 says to pursue LOVE while desiring SPIRITUAL GIFTS. Both are important. God anointed me to write it in quick time. No struggle. No grinding. Just easy flowing. I swear there was an invisible hand on my hand. I sowed a good number of them into young ministers, but I'm sure most have not cracked it open. They're too busy and too distracted. Some don't have a hunger to access it. Now if I was Benny Hinn or Rodney Howard Brown they would've dove into it immediately and found the time. But God chooses the foolish things to confound the wise. He chooses nobodies. I can only work with what the Lord has put in my hand. I asked the Lord about my call to write: "Who is going to read what I write? I'm a nobody." In His typical short-winded fashion He said four words: "I. HAVE. A. PEOPLE."

Those are the people God is looking for. Hungry. Teachable. Honorable. Hardly ever does He use know-it-alls. It is these chosen ones who will lead us all into the next move of God, and a great awakening of true Christianity. Stay tuned...and please like, comment, and share.

Join us on October 7-8 and learn from our seasoned panel of ministers. It's filling up. Register now.

In His Glad Service,

Bert Farias

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