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Wholly Holy : A Training Manual for Living a Completely Holy Life

Do you long to live a completely holy life but feel like it’s out of your reach?

Does the word ‘holiness’ feel like a bad word in your ears?

Holiness is too often seen as a negative thing. For this reason, many believers avoid the subject at all costs.

Different extremes exist in the Church ranging from legalism on one end and lawlessness on the other, but when interpreted, understood, believed and applied rightly, holiness is beautiful and brings victory, wholeness, life, freedom, joy, and peace to people’s lives.

Wholly Holy will help you change your thinking about holiness, and overcome besetting sins, addictions and behaviors no matter how long you’ve struggled with them.

Become just like Jesus in your thoughts, attitudes, motives, behavior, and speech.

Become wholly holy today!

Be sure to check out the Wholly Holy Study Guide HERE

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About the Author

Chris Dubois is a follower of Jesus Christ, husband, dad, pastor, author, and child of God. He started following Jesus at a young age and had a powerful encounter with God as a teenager that forever changed his life and set him on a path to pursue God's calling in his life. He is the lead and founding elder and pastor of the Awakening Church which he founded in April 2009 (

He is also the founder and president of Chris Dubois Ministries which seeks to help people become completely holy or Christlike, mature, and Christlike in fulfillment of 2 Corinthians 7:1 ( He longs to see the Gospel of Jesus and the Kingdom both demonstrated and proclaimed throughout the earth in the power of the Holy Spirit for God’s glory and pleasure. If you wish to contact Chris, please email him at visit or reach out to him on social media.

Chris has a B.B. degree from Zion Bible College (presently NorthPoint Bible College) and an M.Div. degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

He authored "Wholly Holy: A Training Manual for Living a Completely Holy Life," and "Dating with Discernment: Navigating the Modern Dating Scene with God's Guidance" which both can be purchased on Amazon.

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