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Will you help support the Nations?

Here is his powerful anointed son declaring the Word of the Lord:

November 2024 they will have been in Spain for 2 years, unable to work. The churches in that part of Spain do NOT believe in supporting ministers with offerings so even though the church has opened their doors to them to minister they do not receive any local support. They are in dire need of the Ekklesia's support. 

Columbian Police Force giving their lives to Jesus:  Por Colombia y nuestra gente#yosoynonconventional @danielkolenda_p... | TikTok 

First a General then followed by a Colonel and then 12,000 officers. they were asked to come and disciple them day after day.

During Covid they preached from the balcony for 152 days

Kids receiving the Holy Ghost Baptism from sweet Israel who lost everything due to ministering the Gospel:  Israel left Colombia He lost things on the way And here it is Giving everything for a nation That I did not know We love you… | Instagram

Israel has been preaching since he was 5 years old. They had to flee Columbia and now live in Spain. They have been held at gun point, detained and many other things but are the most humble, committed and sincere people you will ever meet. 

They have countless testimonies of the fruit of their lives. Many supernatural healings and happenings. Many Muslims turn their lives to Jesus everywhere they go (even the airports) due to the Sincere Love of the Lord coming through them.  

True friendship, prayer support, and MONTHLY financial support is much needed. 

Facebook Profile:  (6) Facebook

Every Thursday they do a Live Prayer call:

Ways to GIVE:


Western Union under  Cristhian David Martinez Ospina - Sangonera La Seca Spain

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