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Without Shelter-Documentary

'Without Shelter' Documentary produced by Jarrell Hilton, CEO of @hislight_studios, is now LIVE on YouTube. While it premiered tonight at 7:30 PM (darn FB blocked the notification) it will remain up for you to watch on your own time!


If you have a heart for the homeless or maybe don't know much about the homeless but are curious and want to know what you can do to help, watching this documentary is a great start. There are resources out there that need our assistance to continue serving our homeless neighbors. Check it out, then get involved. Together we can try to end homelessness in Charlotte.




Special Appearances by:

> Sheriff Gary McFadden @mcfadden4sheriff

> Deborah Woolard @blockloveclt

> Liz Clasen-Kelly @roofabove

> Deronda Metz @salvationarmyclt (Center of Hope)

> James Lee


Special thank you to @wcnctv and @spectrumnews1nc for covering the story first and shedding light on the film and homeless situation in Charlotte.


Please help us spread awareness #like #follow #share @without Shelter on IG!


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