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I dreamed of a woman who was pregnant. She was not ready to give birth but the baby was coming. She was in a public place with people all around.

Terrified she climbed into a pool and her husband with her, and water began to flood in as she stepped down. She was willing to let the birthing process take its course but then the wrestle within her began. I knew she was thinking, It’s not time! I’m not ready! She was fighting the timing of the birth. It was too soon. She knew she had to, but she was not full term. I watched her flounder around the pool looking for an escape.

But when labor begins there is NO ESCAPING IT.

She didn’t want to be in the public eye for all to watch this intimate moment but she had no choice. This is not how she wanted it to be. This was not her plan. She didn’t want to have her baby in front of all these people. This is not what she thought it would be like. Her husband was with her but then he was out of the pool standing in the edge watching over her. He was protecting the birth.

Trying to hide, she swam deep under the water far back in the pool that seemed to go underground. She was screaming under water and I could hear her and see the bubbles. She did not want this with every part of her being.

She stayed there way too long. I began to worry she would drown. Did she not know she would die? I continued to watch her as she was on her hands and knees on the bottom screaming as loud as she could, resisting the way this was happening. She refused to give birth like this.

I called to her family to go get her. I yelled, someone get her! The baby was coming and she was going to need our help. She had to come forth out of the hidden place!

Then I woke to a loud storm and thunder that shook my body. God is emphasizing the dream.

Women, listen to me.

You are pregnant with promises and prayers right now that are going to come forth. It may come so quickly that you won’t feel ready. It will come forth in front of others and it will feel messy and maybe embarrassing. There is stretching and pain in the birthing process. It certainly is not comfortable at all. You knew God was showing you what you are called to do and you were somewhat prepared for what you see, but you thought you had more time to get ready. And even though you want to see your baby, you dread going through what it takes to birth. It’s the unknown and uncertainty of what’s coming and you’re terrified.

And no one is ever ready for it. But when it’s time, it may feel like it’s too soon, and you’re not ready at all, but God has brought you to this moment for a purpose. He knows what you carry and He will cause you to give birth in this season whether you feel like it’s time or not. You don’t get to choose when you birth. The season comes in its own time.

You may want to crawl in a hole and stay hidden from this process. Don’t retreat. It must happen. And it’s going to happen. It cannot be stopped! And God wants all to see you give birth. Yield to it!

You will feel so exposed but it is Holy nonetheless. The chaos, the screams, the contractions, the disorder of it all, it’s all how birthing comes. Don’t be afraid of that.

You might just be in the middle of labor right now and you don’t know it. Let it be.

Even now the church is watching a birthing take place that is messy as God stretches the Body and the contractions are getting closer and closer. In the public eye are many situations that we are watching that should be private, but God makes it front and center. He wants us all to behold what He is birthing even though we wrestle with what we are seeing. It is hard to see as we watch God judge hidden sin and shake His house. But it is necessary. He wants us to see that nothing is hidden.

From public platforms to the private prayer room, the birthing has come and it’s a new day for the church. We are being refined by fire.

Women especially are carrying a prophetic voice right now of purity, righteousness, and holiness.


It has already begun, but God is speaking through this dream that it is now.

Men, the women need you to watch over them while they birth. They cannot protect themselves during labor. The women need your prayers of strength and support while God has commissioned them to birth this next wave in the earth. Everyone is necessary! Everyone has an assignment from heaven! Men, we need you! Please know how much the women depend and rely on your strength. Without you we would not make it. Help us! Pray for us!

Men and women, it’s time. Don’t fight. Get in the water. Let it come. Let it birth. Let it be messy. Let all see. Let God arise.

Who is with me? Let’s do this!

-Jennifer Martin

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