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You Are Enough: God knows it...when will you?-Devotional

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

An Arise! Series by Tasha Renee(Author)


You Are Enough is a study that reminds us of that very thing, that we are enough. Its goal is to highlight all of the lies that you've walked with for so long it seems commonplace, and replace them with God’s truths. Too often we pick up false descriptions and beliefs of ourselves as a result of experience, whether the experience was good or bad. Even good experiences can create false expectations that are not sustainable. The only things that will ever sustain are the things orchestrated by God. So, to guarantee success in all things, it’s important to line ourselves up with His will. You Are Enough seeks to help you do that. Throughout this extraordinary book, we’ll spend time dissecting the story of Gideon and his transformation from a man living a lie to a man walking out God's best for his life. As we journey through the pages of this book we will see how God used Gideon as an example to show us all that as long as we walk with Him, and are intentional about following his leadership despite our beliefs, or lack thereof, in ourselves, we can conquer nations.

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