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You Can Do the Works of Jesus: Moving from Theory to Reality

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

by Joel Crumpton(Author)

The power of God is not confined within the walls of the church. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are with you everywhere, from the street to the boardroom.

You Can Do the Works of Jesus is an easy to follow guide for power evangelism, offering the tools you need to walk in God’s miraculous power throughout your life. Author and revivalist Joel F. Crumpton’s stories, testimonies, and guidance will inspire you to become the person God intended you to be, living every moment for him.

Learn to share the Gospel wherever you go with confidence and boldness while exercising your faith. Discover how to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and go into the world as a representative of Jesus Christ, ready and willing to minister to others.

Crumpton’s inspirational testimonies reveal how often healing and deliverance occur in public places, with people falling to their knees and surrendering all to Jesus Christ. You too can see the same miracles and results “right in your own backyard.” All you have to do is surrender yourself to the greatest of joys—spreading the words and works of God.

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