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A.W.A.R.E.: Empowerment Keys for Women in Ministry

A.W.A.R.E: Empowerment Keys for Women in Ministry assist those who sense the call to ministry to awaken to their potential and to press into their ministerial destiny.

A.W.A.R.E is for a generation of AUTHENTIC WOMEN who are AWAKENED, RESTORED, & EQUIPPED.

In order to produce the full potential of what resides in us, we must first be AWARE of who we are so that we may ASSESS our dormant potential, and yield ourselves to the ACCESS granted by the Holy Spirit!

The outcome allows us to become who God has authentically created and equipped us to be!

About the author

Mom. Wife. Pastor. Equipper. Worshipper. Prayer Warrior. Change Agent. Glory Carrier. Trailblazer.

These attributes are those embodied by the person of Dana M. Blue, a native of Charlotte, NC, with a passion for people and transformation. One of the key facets of Dana's writing style is to promote and express the potential of transformation and inward change. This process is critical for those willing to submit to the process required to facilitate such. With a Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling and Discipleship, Dana Blue uses her love for assisting others in their growth and development in her writing. Dana expresses

the full awareness that the most significant opportunities to understand the potential of transformation are found in the word of God and facilitated by the Holy Spirit. Dana M. Blue is a Lead Pastor alongside her husband, Mitchel Blue, at Uncommon Church in Charlotte, NC. Her desire to equip others is expressed in written form and through ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She emphasizes the potentiality of becoming a Change Agent, Glory Carrier, Trailblazer, and Recalibrated! This transformation is necessary to the end, that everything and everyone is impacted by the process of transformation within! Embedded in her DNA is the language of change and transformation that speaks to the necessity of revival within and the process of continual spiritual formation and transformation.

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