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Bob Jones 1975 Death Experience & More

Bob Jones recalls a prophesy he received about the increase of abortion, homosexuality, aids and drugs and then his encounter in heaven and what he saw there.

"Have you learned to love?" Jesus asked people at the entrance of Heaven. Here is an account of a divine encounter prophet Bob Jones had with Jesus Christ. Hear what God told him what was going to happen and what He was going to do!

Gary Beaton, veteran television and film producer shares the amazing story of the accelerated clock in Bob Jones' hospital room during the last days of his life, and what it means for the Church. To see the original, un-retouched footage click here:

In this video, recorded and published in October of 2009, Bob Jones prophesies into the year 2020 and the decade that this year would start stating that the Lord revealed to him how a great “rest” would begin this year. It’s interesting because 2020 has seemed to be anything but rest, yet I still believe that this was a real word from the Lord given through Prophet Bob Jones.

Just a few months ago I had a vision where the Lord was speaking to me about a glory cloud finding a “resting place” in the northeast part of the United States. So part of me thinks that some people have misinterpreted Bob’s word to begin with. Rest in God’s eyes doesn’t necessarily mean peace in the world. I think this word was talking about the sons and daughters of God and how 2020 would be a year which would mark them entering into another stage of sonship with a new level of freedom for their souls. I know that for me personally, this word has been spot on in terms of timing because of how much deliverance and inner healing I’ve been going through in 2020. I’m being freed from things that I didn’t even know I needed freedom from, which is quite remarkable. I believe this to be a big part of the “rest” which Bob was referring to. Many are coming out of Babylon, they’re coming out of the systems and traditions which have held them in bondage, and they’re truly seeking the Lord apart from a ministry empire or some kind of status in a movement. This is the rest for the soul which is being experienced by many this year despite what the world has been going through.

In this video, Bob also talks about a prophetic experience which He had where He was going city to city riding on a “glory train”. Bob prophesied that this would begin to take place soon after this prophecy (some time around 2012) and that the glory would never end. Bob experienced the glory leaving America back in the 70’s but the Lord told him it would return to usher in the great endtime harvest. So enjoy this short video prophecy by Seer Prophet Bob Jones and be encouraged saints. Although it’s a day of great shaking and upheaval, it’s also a day of great harvest and greater glory. Enter into that supernatural rest now which the Lord prophesied for the sons of God beginning in 2020, and believe for an increase of God’s tangible manifest glory in your life and the lives of your loved ones! #bobjones2020#bobjones2020rest#prophetbobjones#bobjonesangels#bobjonesheaven

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