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Breadth, Length, Depth, Height

God's love has breadth that stretches wide

To bring

each man unto His side.

As wide as arms stretched on a tree

That all men might one day be free.

Its length extends beyond man's kin.

To cave and veil and moor and glen,

To find each lost and wand’ring soul,

To bring them in and make them whole.

‘Tis deep, as deep as lowest hell,

Wherever lost and lonely dwell;

None can sink so low that He

Can't reach beneath and make them free.

His love can satisfy each heart

More than man's sublimest art;

He lifts us to the highest heights,

To drink rivers of delight.

So broad, so long, so deep, so high,

It reaches still to you and I.

Too great for man to comprehend,

‘Twill be forever without end.

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