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Chuck Pierce: WORDS ABOUT NC & SC -OCT 22, 2018

Chuck Pierce:

(speaking about NC & SC) These 2 states have been instrumental in the history of this nation. But now these 2 states are going to be instrumental in the move of God in this nation.

The veil of division that has been on these two states is now being ripped off.

That same veil of division is attempting to gain a strong atmospheric hold in this nation.

God will cause us to rise up into a new movement of power, authority, and glory! Carolinas go first!

Now feel the King extending his scepter to this Queen City. And decree now a new favor is coming on this city that will unlock its voice and cause a movement that dismantles demon forces to come forth, starting tonight.

He didn’t speak to me about North Carolina. He spoke to me and said, “The Carolinas.” You’ve been in a stormy time, you’ve been in a time of pressing through, but there’s a new day breaking in the Carolinas.

And He said a new flow of the Spirit of God is going to move from the state borders. When He said that I saw the separation of north and south. And I saw the Spirit of God moving south and moving north. The Lord said this is very important as a key witness to this nation, that I can take what has been divided and bring it in to a level of oneness that I long for it to be and operate in. He said as it begins to move like this it is going to create a new triumphant movement that will occur.

You look at the history of the Carolinas - very important in the Revolutionary War. The Civil War started in South Carolina. I mean, the impact the Carolinas have had. The first state to secede in the Civil War was South Carolina; the last state was North Carolina. I started thinking through the history of the Carolinas, and I thought this is like my wife and I - I mean as different as night and day, and yet called to be one.

I am here to say tonight a new movement is beginning in the Carolinas! It’s going to change the course of how this nation operates.

He said I'm shifting the Carolinas to become the gate of the nation.

The nation - it will be known that it changed fully and was established in a new way because of something that came from the Carolinas.

I'm calling the territory that came out of the covenant root of Virginia to begin to move as one in this movement ahead, for they will become the gate of the nation.

Tell my people to extend their harvest boundaries. In other words, quit saying North Carolina, quit saying South Carolina. Say “The Carolinas,” and this will affect all of VA. Extend your boundaries.

I am here to decree there is such an anointing falling on the Carolinas, that is going to affect the root of VA, the covenant state where covenant came forth, that a nation will be birthed in a day as a new nation!

Dutch Sheets:

And the destiny that you’ve given America is about to come into its fullness again, the destiny of taking the gospel of Jesus around the world, and funding the gospel around the world! Somehow in your plan the Carolinas are very important to this. We decree what the prophet said: this area is now becoming the gate of the nation! And the covenant root of Virginia is springing down into the Carolinas! And the root of God’s covenant is about to manifest from this part of America into the rest of America! And breakthroughs are going to start occurring and angels are even now warring over this region of America, saying, Let the suddenlies of the Lord begin!

Chuck Pierce

The root of division that came into the Carolinas that affected the covenant of this nation, we decree tonight that root is now being healed in a new way!

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